garmin c330 vs megellan 760

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by shiba, Jun 14, 2006.

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    Feb 10, 2006
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    i got my hand on a sweet deal for either of these gps unit. I never had much experience with either so i was hoping you guys can tell me the pros and con's of each. I searched online for reviews but usually they're done after a week they got it or within the first few minutes of powering up. I'm looking at more long term reviews and opinions of these.
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    If the Garmin C330 is anything like the C320, I recommend to stay away from that particular unit. I work in a retail store which sells the C320 amongst other GPS units.

    I can honestly say that we've had a fair amount of complaints about the 'whereis' system that the C320 unit uses, and it lacks many features that other units such as the TOMTOM offer.

    Magellan seems like a decent unit, and haven't heard any bad complaints about them.

    Sorry I couldn't offer any review sites for you... just thought i'd give my $0.02 worth from what i've learnt/heard first hand.
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    Ive got a Garmin C320 and im perfectly happy with it. I got it for $309 and bought a $30 1gb SD Card to load the maps onto. The only difference between the c320 anc c330 is that the maps come preloaded on the 330. Not worth the extra $100-200 IMHO.

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