MIL Gays in the military

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    While serving in the military, I spent the better part of 3 yrs based on an aircraft carrier. During one of our cruises, a "gay" ring was busted. This happened long before Clinton's "Don't ask Don't tell" policy started.

    The incident caused a tremendous amount of discourse among the crew members. Guys you thought of as your friends were living secret lives. Many sailors refused to sleep in the same berthing with these individuals because of their newly publicized sexual preferences.

    A ship, or any military unit becomes something of a family. The group is a close-knit collection of other groups that live with each other day in and day out. In times of war or conflict, you rely on the guy you're standing next to to do his job without having to worry about lovers spats. It's tough enough when the wives or significant others don't write as often as you'd like.

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    Interesting observation
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    I was referring to your choice of words. Not the premise.
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    If you checked my cache you'd see I'm ALL OVER the internet. Mainly political blogs from both sides.

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    Great site
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    took you a bit eh?

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