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    Quick how-to for those with a Gecko based browser (Mozilla, Firebird, Netscape - I'll just refer to Mozilla from here on)

    You all know how to add bookmarks. Nothing new here. But when you add a bookmark, you can give it a keyword. Just enter this keyword in the address bar and Mozilla will dig out the link and go there. Example: bookmark After bookmarking, go to Bookmarks->manage bookmars->find new CNN link->right click on it->Properties. For the keyword, enter "cnn" (without quotes). Hit OK and you're done. Now on the address bar you can enter cnn and enter and Mozilla will take you there.

    To make a keymark:

    With most sites, you can enter a search or query item and when you submit, it shows up on the URL. Bookmark the results for the site you want to add a keymark to. Once bookmarked, follow the directions above for adding a keyword. But this time modify the URL. Look for the search query you entered (for various sites, this will be in different parts of the URL). Once you find it, enter in "%s" (without quotes). Save the bookmark. You're done! How can you use this? Here's some examples:

    [keyword] [search query]

    Google search

    Dictionary lookup

    Thesaurus lookup

    FedEx tracking

    UPS tracking ([keyword] [zip code])

    I've got the google search setup with a keyword of "g". So on the URL, I can enter in "g rsbauer" and it will bring up the search results for "rsbauer" on You can make your keyword 1 letter long, several letters, or words - however you want to do it.
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    FYI: In the Mozilla Firebird browser, if you enter a word/phrase that is not designated as a keyword, it automatically does an "I'm Feeling Lucky!" Google search.

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