[GEEK] I need help creating a back up plan for my office

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by MrStrike, Feb 25, 2005.

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    Hello all

    I’m a new network admin at a new job. This company’s back up server is scary. It’s an old tower case with a 1.5 GHz CPU and 256mb ram running XP. The back up software is Backup exec 8.5. It does a full back up every night to a separate hard disk. There are 8 drives in this computer. One for everyday of the week (M-F), one OS, One just for the Laptops, and one external HD for off site storage. I kid you not 2 of the HD are just laying in the case; the side cover is off to help cooling. I have been told that one drive fails every 3 weeks. I think they are exaggerating a bit, but they are using the cheapest WD HD they can find.

    OK so it’s my job to come up with a solution. Here is what I'm thinking, please offer advice.
    It’s a small company and there is very little total data. About 150-200 GB for everything uncompressed. Because of the fear some folks have of the frequent HD failure, the occasional “I deleted X file 48 hours ago. Can you get it back?”, and the luxury of having a small volume of company wide data, I want to keep the mind set of doing full backups every night. I will be buying a rack and rack mount server for this duty.
    I can’t decide the path to take.

    A= Use 6 hot swap HD. Monday through Friday and one for off site. The backup for the laptop is only 1 GB and so infrequent Ill work with it elsewhere.

    B= Use 4 Hot swap HD. One for weekly and alternate daily full backup’s in-between the other 3. Off site can be handled an external drive that we already own.

    C= Use 3 Hot swap HD. One for weekly and alternate daily full backup’s in-between the other 2.

    Option A gives a lot of flexibility. But Pricy for the chasse and drives.
    Option B Is cheaper, but only gives 72 hours for me to receive data.
    Option C is cheaper still, but only gives 48 hours for me to retrieve and in the Unlikely event of a double HD failure I will be on thin ice (only ONE drive working till I can get off the shelf replacements)

    In the long run this server will run the backups at night, but will act as the File server during the day using different drives that the ones described above. Is this a good idea?

    Is it better/cheaper to get a bare bones rack mount server, or go through dell/gateway/IBM?

    Back up exec 8.5 seems a little tough to navagate through. Is Back up exec 10.0 better? is it worth the $$?

    Thank you for any help you can offer

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    Personally, I think you should go with some variant of option A. The question is, why do you need to backup to hard drives? Why not just have a server with a HD that everyone backs up to, then back that up to a tape drive overnight. You can then have a bank of tape drives (one for every week).

    Dell has a lot of rack server solutions, also servers with tape drives built in. I'd look into that if I were you.

    Also, keep in mind that the size will increase in the future, so plan for it.
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    Go with a tape solution. You then have one tape for each day of the week, 5 tapes for each week of the month (sometimes only 4 are used), 12 tapes for each month in a year, plus 1 tape per year. So a total of 22 tapes plus 1 for each year will give you the backup solution to end all backup solutions.

    This whole backup onto a HD is a little loopey.

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