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    Depression and anxiety is often shrugged off as a weakness of the mind or an inability to cope with the stresses of normal, everyday life. This is contrasted with conditions such as schizophrenia where the general public would most likely agree that schizophrenics do in fact have a serious condition. I'm curious as to the general population's perception on bipolar type II.

    How do you think the public views BP II?
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    Well to be honest , i think there's such a thing as an overlapping zone, most people do more or less get depressed or mood swings, heck i dare say more then half of America could use a shrink for all the valid reasons. Its just that the more deteriorating conditions as found in Bi-polar or schizophrenia are a step further. So you sorta get a scale in terms of seriousness that the general people would take in aspect ratio as , depression = mild condition, bi-polar = mediocore , as schizoprhenic = serious.

    So (in terms of generalisation) if your schizo, then your really bad off, and bi-polar well nothing what a few medication can't cure.

    That's of course a terrible and inaccurate view, but could be considered as the view of the ignorant masses.This gives and creates the unbalanced view of people on such mental diseases.

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