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    Back in the days when dish/satelite programming was only being introduced, they used those big ass dishes that made you think it was possible to land a plane with and often people didnt' have to subscribe to a montly subscription based service and just point it to whichever direction to recieve the signal.. was this ever the case or were people messing with my head?

    Fast forward to 2000 and satelite service companies are popping on the map of programming, with a smaller dish and a montly subscritpion based service. _just_like_cable_. What's the fugging different between cable and satelite if I am forced to payf or a monthly fee ? aside from the quality of reception of coarse.

    So could someone explain to me why it is that we do have to pay for it montly?

    Are there services out there that don't charge for a montly fee?

    Thanks a heaps.

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    hmmm....depending on where you are quality of satellite could be better or worse than cable....i've had both and i like the satellite better. only drawback to satellite is that you may or may not be able ot get local channels on the satellite.

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    Here's the deal...

    What you are remembering are the old Analogue Satellite Systems. Meaning, they picked up on weak analog singals being broadcast from Satellite relays in the sky. The quality of the signal wasn't always the greatest, and often was about the same as your normal rabbit ears.

    Being that it would tune into different satellites over the sky, The large dish would change direction depending on what channel you wanted it on.

    Sure, service was FREE. But the quality of programming wasn't that good. And the picture varried greatly depending on atmospheric condidtions.

    Enter Digital Sattelites.

    Picture quality is much much greater than the HUGE old analog dishes. The equipment is much smaller, and cheaper to buy setup and maintain. BUT... you pay for the service. The main advantage of Digital Sattelite over Cable is QUALITY. Quality of the picture and quality of channel choices. You can pick and choose what channels you want. Unlike Cable, where you get what they give you.

    Given that both Cable and Digital Satellite are about the same price, but Digital Satellite is a BETTER format, I'll choose that.

    Now about Free service.

    There are quite a few illegal ways to get FREE Digital Satellite. All of it involves quite a bit of risk as the goverment has really cracked down on Digital Satellite Piracy. And the newer generation of Digital Dishes contain even more encryption than before, making it even harder.

    The only fail safe way to get FREE ILLEGAL digital satellite, is to run a emulation program from a computer, onto the digital receiver and it's 'card'. The expense can be great to setup. Would you purchase another computer just to get free programming? I know I wouldn't.

    There's another way too, to get Free Digital Satellite. Buy a pirated card. They run anywhere from 100-300 bux and will get you all the channels for free. For a time. The Satellite networks often send a signal out that makes these pirate cards nonfunctional. Thus, you pay a fee every 6 months or so to get a NEW pirate card, instead of just subscribing. Again, not worth the risk of getting caught, and not much a price difference between the two.

    The last choice would be Rabbit Ears. That's still free. Also, with the latest HDTV sets, you should be able to receive HD broadcasts from your local networks. The picture quality will be better, BUT selection will be the same. But hey... It's FREE.
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    hmm.. interesting reading.

    I've heard people dabbling into the piracy thing when cable scrambled their signal on PayPerView and such with a decoder box which worked great. They of coarse needed you to have cable in the first place but free pr0n was good :big grin:

    Well, based on the information you just provided, I think getting a legitimate service like StarChoice (local company) would be the best route to take. Most of them are pushing for the technology to surpass cable and eventually phase it out with their free satelite offers or great promotions.

    I'm in Canada where some years back they had some controversy about American programming versus home grown content and for a time (if memory serves) were arresting or at the very least confiscating satellite equipment that were being used to receive American (foriegn) content (maybe it was just in Quuebec, can't be sure)... anyhow, it didn't really deter people from doing so I would imagine the pratice is still going on.

    Lastly, the pirated cards you mentioned about was talked about on this forum awhile ago in which someone said all you needed to do was reset the card and it was good as new cuz what the satellite companies were doing was basically descrambling your frequency (something to that effect) and to restore it, you just reset it :confused:

    Thanks for the enlightening info. I'll check out some local services and possibly look into the card thing.

    cheers, :bigthumb:

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