Get reliable signatures on my GPG key and other questions

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by 01000101, Feb 8, 2006.

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    I just installed GnuPG and set up a key pair, but I need to get some signatures on it. None of my small circle of friends at this point uses GPG; most of them don't see a need for it. But my key pair has very little value without any validation. I googled for a key party in Phoenix, but didn't get any helpful results.

    Additionally, should I upload my key to a key server? Am I risking having my email addresses harvested and spammed?

    Also, if I add additional emails/user IDs to my key, does that invalidate all the signatures up to that point? I used my primary address when creating the key, but I have a secondary address that I want to digitally sign. And I will be buying a domain and setting up a host somewhere, and will want to add my email address from that to my key as well. Am I better off creating more than one key? Does that make it more of a nuisance to have everyone sign 2+ keys? What're the (dis)advantages of using sub keys?


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