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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Spiritus, Feb 24, 2007.

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    Ex cheated on me and told me on boxing day. I got it out of her by telling her that "I would tell her what I did if she told me what she did", then I was like, you fuckin slut I was loyal as a dog to you and this is what you do to me", 2 yr relationship gone like that. She tries to commit suicide, gets air ambulance down here, and I end up sending her ass packing back home.

    So anyways, I was pretty fucked up in January. Valentines day seemed to be a blessing to me, I feel like I am pretty much over her now.

    The thing is, I am celibate right now, and when I am with a girl, I am chaste. Meaning, I dont beat off. Now do not go telling me that it is unhealthy or any of that shit, it is part of my beleifs which I am not going to get into... I am actually perfectly fine being chaste or celibate, I am above and beyond that issue.


    So yeah, I am out there looking for a girlfriend. It is not just for the sex, I kind of want company. I miss the touch of a woman. A pretty hot\nice girl was cutting my hair the other day and when her hands touched me, it reminded me of a woman.

    Then I felt like... wow... I really miss that... a lot.

    I am out and there are plenty of fine looking girls out there. I am going to the gym, staying kempt (good haircut, shaved), dress well. I have a good personality, am talking to hot girls with great eye contact. I am not afraid to ask for numbers.

    It is just that all of my life, I have never been rejected or I have had girls ask ME out. Now it is like, I cannot get a girls number. I am not sure if that is rejection or not, I really dont give a fuck.

    I do not know what the problem is. Is it that mystical thing where that "right girl" has to just come along and I will know it... or do I just keep trying...

    Kind of lost right now. Dont exactly want to wait around forever, but I do realise that like usual I have to initiate things or fuck all will happen. :hsd:
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    Just center yourself, meditate. Make yourself feel happy AS IF you already had the woman of your dreams, and she will find a way to come into your life.

    I just realized how much I sound like a fucking hippy.
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    I don't know when boxing day is (and I guess I could look it up...ok...Dec 26), really it hasn't been that long, and for a lot of that time you were a little messed up over it anyway.

    I'm sure if you've never had any problem with girls before, you'll find one soon enough. Some problems may be that you are just really lonely and noticing it more now. (Maybe they notice it about you too and it turns them off?) Also, maybe you're lonely, but subconsciously pickier or less approachable to women, since having such a bad fallout with the ex.

    Even though you're lonely, maybe you need a bit more time. Do you have any friends you can hang out with? I've noticed guys don't generally like to cuddle with each other :mamoru:, but sometimes a good female friend is nice to kind of cuddle with and get a little attention from in a friendly way.

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