Getting my home theatre system to work the way it should *HELP*

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Chris87, Jan 6, 2003.

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    We just purchased a new tv, dvd player and speakers. Here's a list of everything that we will be running:

    -32inch Sony wega flatscreen
    -Audiovox dvd player/receiver + speakers (home theatre in a box garbage)
    -Sony receiver
    -Sony VCR
    -Sony 5disc cd player
    -Digital cable box

    Everything has been going through the receiver, and has been controlled by the cable remote control. Before we bought the new stuff everything has worked pretty good, with a few exceptions (which i hope you guys can help me with)

    #1 - When recording tv shows, the only way it properly works is if the whole system is on the channel you want recorded, with the sound level up, etc...Everything has to be playing just like you'd be watching it. This pisses me off. I want it so i can pretty much just set the VCR timer and have it record properly

    #2 - The cable remote was never able to control the VCR. I have no idea if it will be able to control the new dvd either. It would be really nice to only have to use 1 or possibly 2 remotes. We currently have 4 (receiver, cable, dvd, vcr).

    Questions: - On the back of out cable receiver there is an "RF in" and a "to RF in". These 2 outlets are connected to each other via a short cable. Why and what does RF mean?

    Is there a best way to have all the wires running? Currently we have the main cable line gets split via a 2way splitter - one goes into / then out of the digi cable box, and the other goes into a 3way splitter box.

    The cable OUT of the digi box then goes into the vcr, then OUT of the vcr it goes back into a 3way splitter box. So, this 3 way splitter box (with buttons A and B) has these cables
    1)original main cable going into it
    2)cable line from VCR that originally came from digi cable box OUT
    3) cable line going into tv

    The only other tv cable is plugged into the sony receiver and its not plugged into anything else. :mad: :confused: I think i did that when i wanted to hook up a friends' ps1.

    As for all the yellow/white/red cables - I think they're all where they should be. CD player ones, vcr ones, and soon the dvd ones will be run to the sony receiver. That is also where the speakers run out of.

    :wtf: is all i gotta say. I obviously need some help b/c the more i look at it, the more fucked up it seems.

    And if i ever want to hook up a PS2 or x-box or something, how do i do it now? Just plug it into the tv via the red/yellow/white cables?

    Fuck me

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