Getting ready to detail car... your opinion on my purchase

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Intel, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Intel

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    I bought the following at walmart, no waiting for shipping FTW.

    Couldn't find a no-rinse car wash, only the Mr. Clean one with the hose head, etc.

    - Mr Clean car wash (hose one)

    - I bought Mother's Clay kit

    - 25 Microfiber towels

    - Meguiars $25 Kit with Wax NXT 2.0

    - Meguiars Mirror Glaze 7 Professional Show Car Glaze

    Everything is OK? CAN I GO AHEAD AND DO THIS?

    When I polish do I really need a terry towel as the instructions say or can I use a microfiber towel?

    thanks :x:
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    nice. does the meg's kit come with a car wash? if so, i'd probably use that with one of the mitts from wal-mart. IIRC the best thing to use the Mr. Clean kit for is the spot free rinse. but :dunno: i've never used it. A terry towel should give you a little more "bite" for the polish. from everything i've ever done, you'll want to glaze first, then apply the NXT 2.0
  3. Intel

    Intel Guest

    thanks for input.

    This is what I have done so far:

    - Mr Clean spot free car wash. Cleaned my wheels before washing car.

    Now I am waiting for it to dry (30 mins) Its 9pm here.

    I plan on:

    - Claying


    - Meguiars Polish

    Inmmediately after polish:

    - Meguiars NXT 2.0 Car Wax.

    No, the walmart kit does not include a Car wash bottle. Just Quick Detailer, Scratch X, Tire Gel (shiny), Tire cleaner, a wash mitt, NXT 2.0 and an Interior detailer.
  4. Intel

    Intel Guest


    Its cold here and the car still has water on it, its been 45 mins since I finished.

    I read that the if I try to wipe off the waper with a microfiber cloth, the dry parts of the paint are gonna get scratched.

    Any advice?
  5. Scottwax

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    Why not clay it while it is still wet? Spray the detailer on the paint and get to claying. That way you can clay and finish drying at the same time.
  6. Intel

    Intel Guest

    Thanks. I followed your advice, got out of my confortable chair and got to work.

    10PM to 2:25AM. I got the car clayed and polished.

    I still need to wax, but its 54 F outside and I read that the Wax needs to dry on the paint before buffing. So it will be tomorrow.

    NXT 2.0 will it be safe to do it under the sun?

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