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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by flip2jetta, May 14, 2004.

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    I'll be detailing my car next Saturday and need some product recommendations. I've used the 3 step system meguiars offers (burgundy bottle) and had good results, but I want better. This is the first time I'll be using the products I'm about to list.

    1. Claybar
    2. Need recommendations on a cleaner I can apply and remove by hand, preferrably something I can get at the local auto parts store (basically nothing I have to order online)
    3. Meguiars No. 9 Swirl Remover
    4. Meguiars No. 20 Poly Sealant
    5. S100 to finish it off

    Please help me fill number 2. Also would you recommend Meguiars No. 7 Show Car Glaze into the line up? Any steps you think I don't need? This is not for show, I just want something that'll look good and last for the six months that I don't wax my car. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

    oh and the car is a 2002 galactic blue (dark blue) volkswagen jetta, I'll be sure to take many before and afters to post. Thanks again.

    Edit: Here are the pics[email protected] :big grin:
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    Read the recommended products and review thread
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    actually bro I read both threads, twice actually, it just happens that I couldn't decide. AND I was really only asking for recommendations on one last product that would go well with what I've already picked. I also said any help, if any, would be appreciated but if you don't want to offer any then it's all good I'm not taking it personal....however those big letters did hurt my feelings just a tad...j/p :)

    Oh, and I've read the stickies for the newbs and this was my first question after lurking and reading multiple threads in this section, a little dissapointed on the first response I got.
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    #9 is a decent paint cleaner as long as you have no serious paint defects. If you need something stronger by hand, then you will have to find a local Meguiars pro distributer or order DACP #83 on line.

    If you are going to use #20, you can probably pass on #7 since the mild cleaners in #20 will remove most of the #7 oils. If you have to seek out #83, then also get a quart of #81 Hand Polish which is much more user friendly than #7.

    Wax your car 3-4 times a year. Twice a year is just not enough with all the crap floating around in the air today. Even those who exclusively use sealants like Klasse and Zaino rarely wait 6 months before touching their cars again.
  5. flip2jetta

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    many thanks scottwax, I'll be sure to post plenty of pics next weekend :)
  6. flip2jetta

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    I'm late with the pictures but there you are, check the first post I edited it and placed the link on the bottom. Please some feedback, I know the pics were bigger before I uploaded em so sorry if they aren't big enough to see how well I did. Oh and if the front looks a little funny I have a lot of little white spots from road debris, I go on long drives twice a month and I don't have a bra for my car so my hood and front bumper are suffering a little.

    Oh as far as what I used I ran out of time so I did a quickie 3 step: Mothers Step 1 Paint Cleaner, Meguiars No. 9 then's not everything I wanted to do but something came up and I just didn't have the time.

    Edit: if you download the pics they will return to normal size, I just tried it.
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    Looks pretty good, considering the limited amount of products that you used.

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