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    November 8th I lost my job, I worked there for four years. It was a Internet service provider and I worked my way up from a CSR to floor manager.

    The reason i got fired was my own doing. I dont blame any body but my self.

    Its been 4 months now and I have submitted my Resume to various places, but not even a bite. I have kinda lost hope... I basically just sit behind my computer and maybe browse a job site every few weeks. I lie to my wife about lookign for a job. My mother and my wife and my mother in law etc etc tell me I need to actually get out meet these ppl personally give them my resume instead of just sending it through email. Its there really any reason to do this as opposed to sendin it via email ?

    To me it seems like the things I know I can do all require a Bachelors degree A for this and that, and I do not have those qualifactions.

    I feel I am not good enough and this is the reason why I am not trying hard.

    I dunno what it is .. I over heard a conversation between my mother and my wife the other day. My mother said to her that this is not like me at all. They are right it isnt.

    But why am I not being motivated ?

    Why cant I get back on that saddle and land another job ?

    I do not know what it is I am looking for by posting this.. Maybe I have answered my own questions. Maybe I need encouragement ? Truth is I do not know what I need except I need somethign to get back on track .

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Well 8 nov happens to be my birthday, and your talking to a professional computer user who losts a high lvl computer job at the office too. So sit back have a good cup of coffee and let Darketernal tell you about his experiences, so you won't have to go thru the same misery as i did.

    Dark(eternal) in the sence of nothing ever going right in eternity, hence the name i got fired countles of time, driving myself into depression and almost suicide. Now you probably haven't reached that stadium (just yet!)

    Life is what you make it, celebrate it.

    Going thru countless of internet advertisements, and sending e-mail and making phone-calls to here and there. FORGET ALL THAT.

    Because people forget you when you make a phonecall-email,internet application, (and i am not lying to you) it goes to the scrapheap. Because your mother is right, (these things mean absolutely NOTHING to your employers) and honest to God she is right, because she knows that employers want a personal approuch.

    You don't have to believe me, but NONE of my internet soliciations,countless of emails or telephone calls worked out. It was only when pressure was put on me, and that i showed my face at the job agency that things started to roll out for me.

    And this is exactly what you are going to do too. Go to the job agency tomorrow, and ask for a job, tell that your good in yadayadayada , and that you want a job in this and that field.

    Now these people will start making phonecalls for you to jobs that are connected to the agency, and you'll get to hear if there's a company that needs a guy to do (x x x ) work, and you can get yourself a job.

    ALWAYS remain and talk positive to your employee, (even if the world comes crushing down) your employer doesn't want to hear the truth, he wants to hear what he wants to hear, namely good results/numbers.

    Remember your employer only cares about one thing when it conserns you doing your job, namely that you do it quick , and correct. For the rest you can be hush hush about everything , and just report back any problems to your supervisor that take place on the floor and let them deal with it.

    Second , don't care about losing your job anymore. Economics are very fluctual, things go wrong all the time and probably will go wrong, with any economic curve there are good times and bad times, hope for the best prepare for the worst. It seems asif the employers let the elephants go and kill the mosquito's when it comes to issues on the work floor, so maintain a good fellowship between your collegue's.

    third, it's not your job,education,position or the amount of money that you have that is important ,its worth nothing!. It's all about your loving interaction with other people that is important. People are social animals, they want you to benefit them. Just like a baby can like you if you give it candy, you can get the votes of the workers on the floor to support you by helping them with several smal things,making them feel you are supporting their case and therefore are valuable to the compagny.

    Just get a get up n go attitude. Luck has nothing to do with it, CREATE your own luck, get outside save yourself DO SOMETHING!!!!
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    I'm in the same boat. I got fired from my office job back in November (the week before Thanksgiving). I found a temporary job a couple weeks later. It was a seasonal position that ended December 31. I haven't been able to find a job since.

    I've personally submitted my resume to a couple places, but have also filled out applications online and sent resumes. Nothing works. I look online and at the classifieds all the time, but I prefer not to go door to door looking for a job.

    My boyfriend is getting really frustrated with me. He says I'm not trying. Much like you, I don't feel that I'm qualified to really do anything. I have no skills that would stand out to an employer, nor am I the outgoing type so I can't really win over someone that way either. I'm tired of having excuses though, but it's not like I don't want a job. I don't know what to do. I'm just as confused as you are :sad2:
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    I used to know a shaman.

    One day a friend of his came to him and said, "Dave, how can I get a job? Please... I'm desperate. I've been looking for weeks and I am running out of money! I don't know if I believe in your magic stuff... but would you do a spell or incantation for me, that will help me get a job?"

    Dave responded thusly: "Friend, I can help you. I want you to to do something for the next seven days (seven being a magical number). Each day you will mail out seven resumes (again, seven being a magical number). On the seventh day, the two magical numbers will have interacted to produce a powerful effect. You will get a job within a seven days (again, a magical number) of that day.

    A few weeks later he sees the friend. He is very excited. He has a job making much more money than he used to. He thanks Dave for the spell. Dave is cracking up, trying to explain that he didn't do anything... but the guy won't listen.

    The end.
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    You need inspiration. A muse.

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