MIL GI bills value going up again

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    Man fuck I remember in 99 when I joined and it was worth like 20k or something
    imagine what some of our dinosaurs have to say about its value

    VA Increases the GI Bill Rates
    As of 1 October the GI Bill fulltime student payment rate will increase by four percent to $1075 a month.

    The Department of Veterans Affairs has announced that the GI Bill will soon be worth $38,700 — a total increase of nearly $1,500 over last year's rate. This total is based on the new monthly full-time student payment rate of $1,075 multiplied by the 36-month limit. If you are GI Bill eligible you get the increase no matter when you became eligible or begin using it.

    Note: Your actual benefits may be much higher if you signed up for the Army, Navy or Marine Corps College Funds or elected to participate in the GI Bill Buy-Up program.

    Other GI Bill programs will also see an increase. For example the GI Bill for Selected Reserve will be worth $309 a month, the Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP) will be up to a maximum of $806 a month and the GI Bill Apprenticeship and On The Job Training program will pay as much as $913 a month.

    The Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) was created to help veterans of active duty military service pay for their education and training. It can be used to pay for many different programs including the following:

    College, Business Technical or Vocational Courses
    Distance Learning including Correspondence Courses
    Licensing and Certification Tests
    Apprenticeship/Job Training (Veterans and Reserve Only)
    Flight Training
    (Taken from Military.Com)
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    Sweet thats a good thing. Maybe it will pay for 4 yrs of college by the time I need to use it.
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    :werd: I'm really hoping there will be another kicker come up I can buy in on later on...

    if you haven't bought into that yet, I strongly recommend it.
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    It always increases every October from what I understand.

    Mother fucker, when I was on Active duty in 04, I swear I thought I paid $600 to get more GI Bill benefits, but when I look at my DD-214, it says I didn't, and the base Marine Admin says I didn't.


    I think I need to talk to the specific unit that discharged me, and see if they have different paper work.

    I just filled out a 'Nobe' this drill weekend, gonna take it to the local college today, so they can partially reimburse me for the classes I've already paid for.

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    You have to go and request to pay for it at your DFAS office and they said to makke many copies becase unless you have the copy of the LES or the paper that was signed for the alloment, your pretty much fucked in getting it.
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    LES from the dfas website ??

    I'm gonna look through my paperwork, and see if I have anything.

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