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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by bitchno3, Oct 30, 2005.

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    Oct 8, 2005
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    i think i just want to bitch to some strangers about my fucked up relationship.

    met girl about 2 years ago when we lived right next to eachother in same complex. for the first several months she thought i hated her, but im just not very friendly. we ended hanging out at a party around thanksgiving, had a lot of fun together. she broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years soon after that. then we hooked up. it started to get really serious, and then she "ended it". But i think she ended it because she is in college and i am not. that i am lower than her and she should do better.

    but we always have an amazing time together, and kept hanging out as friends, but even as friends, we still ended up sleeping together a lot.

    The she went to study abroady for the fall semester. got a boyfriend over there, and i barley talked to her while she was gone. then she came back and we ended up in the same position as we were in before. I asked her to make the relationship serious, and she said no. but still asked me to sleep over that night.

    a week later at a party at my house i made out with another girl and was too drunk to even realize that she was there. she was talking to a friend of mine who later told me he had never seen anybody look so jealous.

    she avoided me for a while, then we hung out and she was a bitch to me. happy to tell me that she went home that night with a guy who i tried to kick out for breaking some stuff. The next time i saw her was 2 days before she left to go to NYC for a summer internship she had there.

    I get woken up at 5 in the morning because she calls my phone4 times until i answer it. She ahd a shitty night and was upset and needed to talk to me, and tells me i should come visit her in NY.

    I do, its fun, nothing happens. she comes back and i don't see her for over a month. we make plans and she cancels, i send her a drunk, pissed off e-mail. some angry exchanges bewteen us. Then she calls me last week and asks if i want to get some food and go shopping with her.

    I found out her roomate thinks im a prick, but she defends me. I have never felt so much pleasure or pain from anybody as i have from her. I try and push her away, but i see her at a party and talk the whole time im there to her. Or she will try and meet up with me for something.

    im young and stupid, and she's 3 years younger, and just as stupid.

    I try to move on, but im frustrated, because i think she likes me as much as i like her, she just won't allow herself to be with me for some reason.
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    Oct 8, 2002
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    Care,for all is like a bonsai tree
    Sometimes in life you have to cut thru some knots, demand that she finally decides wether she wants to be with your or not, if she says no. Turn your back on her and never look back. You want some security in your life, things that you can count on. ALthough every woman can pack her bags and leave every day, it would be better for you to find conformation as a first step to a woman who commits to you by saying that she wants a future with you, and not some lightswitch relationship void from love.
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    This ain't a good woman to have in your life. She's the type that's so addicted to drama she'll play games with your heart and cause serious damage in your life, and not once think that she's fucking up. It's kind of like a subconscious thing. They'll never fess up to it, but it's what they're guilty of. Call em on it, and they'll fiercely defend their actions with all loads of bullshit it ain't even funny. She's still going through college, and for many people, that acts as a catalyst for breaking out and being wild because you're away from home for the first time, and you have your very first taste of freedom. Some people take it WAY too far, but just because of that fact, she isn't willing to commit to you. I think she needs a few more cocks in her before she grows up, but until then, why should you be the one that catches all of the crap she's slinging? It's not your job and you don't owe her shit. Move on.
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    I glad you said this was a rant and not a question... as long as you know this is about as juvenile as it gets and that you should refuse all contact with her. This girl is one of those that will cause more problems then they will give you good times. Best to stay away. Far away.

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