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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Manu, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. Manu

    Manu Guest

    I need some help on picking a mother board. I'd like a Dual DDR solution that has integrated sound as well as integrated network. I don't need/want RAID or SATA.

    I also need some help on cooling considerations. Is the 'standard' P4 HSF good enough? I don't want this to be loud at all.

    Is a 350W PS enough for all the stuff I want to run?

    And just, general thoughts? Anything you'd change? Anything you'd add?

    All this priced (minus motherboard and cooling options) is about 850, 1K is my total price range.

  2. Mikey D

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    Oct 13, 2002
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    Royal Oak, MI
    Well one suggestion, instead of getting a 9600 Pro and a seperate TV card, why not just get an All In Wonder Card from ATI
  3. NaftaWRX

    NaftaWRX Guest

    well the 478 isn't as noisy as the other processors

    with such a nice comp.. why get a mobo with integrated sound card?
    a 5.1 or 7.1 scard with a klipsch set.. im sure you'll be spending more than 1k on that comp
    maybe 1.3 at most
  4. Manu

    Manu Guest

    The main reason for the separate cards (I guess two reasons...)

    1. Cost
    The AIW is about 135 more, for a AIW 9700.

    2. Compatability
    A lot of '3rd party software' doesn't support the AIW chip for TV viewing.
  5. DAN513

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    Mar 10, 2003
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    Don't worry about aftermarket cooling for the P4's, the intel hsf they come with are quiet enough for most people.
  6. Manu

    Manu Guest

    Well, currently priced, without the mobo, that is 850. Even if I get a 100 buck mobo, that leaves 50ish bucks for a decent OEM sound card if I want one.

    The main reason for getting integrated sound is because on my laptop/other desktop thats all I got, so im used to it. WHen I can afford a good set of 5.1 or 7.1 speakers then I can always add the sound card.

    Thanks for all the comments guys.

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