giving this romance thing a try v. any advice?

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by teep, Jul 18, 2008.

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    so if anyone remembers i made a pretty awful/spiteful/drunk post a while back about dating other people behind my girlfriends back. since then we've had a lot of talks and things couldn't be better. i realized i was being retarded and i couldn't expect her to always be in the mood especially when i made zero effort to put her in the mood. i would literally just try and hop on and success would be around 50/50. it took me a while, but i finally realized and accepted initial lust wears off for girls as time goes on.

    anyway, we do plenty of "date" type things, but it's been a long time since i've tried anything "romantic". bars, parties, etc have been standard fare for us. since this isn't exactly my area of expertise, any input on my plan would be great.

    I got her this super hot little black dress and I'm going to have it hanging out for her to see when she gets back from work (we live together). I put a little note on it telling her to get ready and meet me at at this fancy pants restaurant thats at the top of a really tall building downtown. i figured from there we'd do dinner, drinks, etc. hows that sound, ladies? probably better than me just mounting her after some take out and watching tv.
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    The resturant is a good start. Since your in the downtown area, I'd suggest trying to find an event, festival, ect. to take her to, and avoid the clubs and bars. Gotta try and do newER things when you get the chance everyonce in awhile

    For example, for my ex's valentines day/B-day, she had always wanted to see the "Rockett's" perform in person. I got her tickets for a christmas show that was in town, 6 months in advanced. That night, I did NOT tell her anything, other then it's a surprise. I made her keep her eye's closed, and walked her all the way into the Theatre of Performing arts, right up to the main door and then I let her open her eyes with me holding the ticket for it directly in her view of sight. She teared up, she was so happy. Took her to a resturant right next to the intercoastal (this was downtown Ft. Lauderdale) Was "romantic" in her terms.

    Thats just an example. Keep things new, its what helps relationships last
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    I'm so proud of you :big grin:

    That thread made me very disappointed in you but I'm so glad that you worked through it and are now even trying to make things better :) I think your romantic date idea sounds fantastic! Just try new things. Find a park or nice open area and have a nice picnic there at dawn. Take her out for a night of dancing (if she likes dancing of course). Try all things new that don't just revolve around "hey, wanna go down to the bar?"

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