GUN Glock peoples... Who uses Ghost inc's triggers?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Radicus, Sep 2, 2009.

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    They seem like a pretty stand-up company...

    Dear Ruger forum members,

    Hello, my name is Arthur Viani, and I am the owner and founder of Ghost Inc. I have been reading all of your comments regarding our forth coming SR9 Trigger Bar Resets (SR9 Triggers) with a great deal of interest and concern.

    I must apologize for the frustration and angst I have caused by being overly optimistic regarding the SR9 Trigger release dates; this has been frustrating for me as well. I am very excited about these triggers, and the SR9’s potential for becoming the "heir apparent" for the Glock. We are working hard to make the best triggers, not just good triggers. Unfortunately, this may mean further delays, but I promise, they will be worth the wait!

    The best triggers for the SR9's are almost here. The die is made and I have produced several runs, and all the variants functioned well. However, I am not satisfied with a trigger just functioning. I have used firearms as life saving tools, and I don’t settle for just "good enough". My name is on every thing that I produce, I will not release products that I know with a little more work will become the best, just to make a release date. Also, we do not use our customers as beta testers. We spend the money take the time to get it right and make it the best! That’s why you get a "no BS" lifetime warranty.

    Ghost has been making triggers and other products for Glocks for almost ten years and we have sold hundreds of thousands of triggers, parts and accessories world-wide. We are the only company making triggers, parts and accessories that gives our customers a lifetime (no BS) warranty on everything we manufacture. If you break it, even if it is your fault, Ghost will replace it for free!!!

    I believe that parts are inexpensive but our reputation is priceless.

    Arthur Viani
    President, Ghost Inc.
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    I wouldnt say they make "triggers" more so dissconectors
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    I don't know about what they're doing for the SR9, but, I would not even consider it an option.

    I've shot that, the Glockmeister, the Vanek Custom and the Glockworx.

    I have the Glockworx.

    Everything else is just the cum that ran down her leg.
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    i was expecting you to say that you sold your ruger for a glock

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