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    Here is my Grandfather's story. It is me piecing it together info fed to me through my mom and pieces from the phillipines, so details are sketchy in some areas.....

    For those that want cliffs scroll to the bottom.

    My Grandfather, from my mothers side, was a WWII Vet and has a history with the US Gov't. He was part of the Phillipine Army that was mobilized under the US Army in WWII, under Gen McCarthur. He was in the USAFFE program..... which is essentially the US subsidizing the Phillipine Army and getting them ready for war with Japan. My Grandfather was an actual US Army member, not a Phillipine Army member under the US. He served his country and the US faithfully during the war, including participating in the horrible Bataan death march, and being a POW under the brutal Japanese, before being released. When my Grandfather finally was released (Filipinos were given amnesty, Americans remained) he continued to operate under the US Army as a Guerrilla force raiding Japanese and continuing the resistance.

    These Filipino Guerrillas were somewhat feared by the Japanese, because they were known to do thing such as slip into small enemy camps at night through the jungles, pick a tent/barracks, kill all but one soldier by slitting their throats, and then slip out without detection(I am sure there is some indulgence in here... this me regurgitating info). They were able to take security away from sleeping Japanese soldiers.

    When the US was able to return to re-take the islands from the Japanese, there were a series of bombings, artillery pounding, and of course amphibious assaults. Weapons back then were not as accurate as they are now, and the us often did carpet bombing. Unfortunately my Great Grandmother, Great Grandfather, and Great Aunt were all killed in one such incident. That was my Grandfather's entire family.

    Once my grandfather heard the news, he went into some sort of stress induced amnesia, and according the the US Army went AWOL. In reality he ended up in a hospital facility for 2 years before he recovered. When he was ready to go back to the military the Army wouldn't take him since he was AWOL (the exact details are still sketchy to me).

    Fast forward to my mom..... when she married my dad they immediately came back to the US. One of the first things my mom did was contact the VA, to see if there was a possibility of getting my Grandfather's AWOL status cleared, and for him to get all that was due to him. This started in the mid 1970's.

    What was due to him? These detail are still sketchy to me... but here is what I know.


    1. Stipend for time served in the US Army under the occupation of Japan, and participation in the Bataan Death March
    2. Reparations for the death of his family
    3. Us Citizenship

    (Note We did not sue the government, just petitioned with the VA)

    My Grandfather died years ago so nothing came about this while he was alive.

    Approximately 2 years ago.... the Veterans Association contact my Grandmother at my mothers house, and notified her that the US Army was officially recognizing my Grandfather's service, and sent her the POW Medal and an official letter from the Army. They also notified her that they were researching into if he is eligible for the Stipends, US citizenship, and reparations.

    Today we heard that it was all granted. My Grandfather and Grandmother are both being granted citizenship. This means all of my Aunts and uncles are being granted as well. I have a total of 7 Aunts and Uncles still alive. 3 are here in the US, 4 are in the Philippines. All but 1 needs US citizenship. I have 2 dead uncles in the Philippines. Now all of my cousins (20 or so) can petition for US Citizenship, because their parents are.

    This is a tremendous thing for our family. Their dream has been to come to the US ever since they were young. My mom, and my aunts stateside have sent countless dollars to the Phillipines to help them with school, and to help try to get them here. They have been waiting some 30 years. Now.... next week they all can apply for passports and make it over.

    The stipend is going to be paid by the US and Phillipines... not sure of the amount, but it will be retroactive beginning when the Japanese invaded the Phillipines. So they will not come with empty pockets. They will have some money to get their lives as US Citizens started.

    It will be weird....... I usually say I am half Filipino half US..... because half of my family was I can say I am 100% :) because all will be citizens.

    Its unfortunate my Grandfather didn't get a chance to see the recognition of the country he served during WWII, but at least we can all say now that his dream came true. His whole family will be relocating to the US.

    See the US Dream still comes true!

    CLIFFS NOTES: Grandpa was a Filipino National in the US Army during WWII. Participated in the Bataan death march and guerrilla resistance. His family was killed by US bombs, collateral damage, and went into stress induced amnesia, eventually listed as AWOL by US Army. Never recieved any recognition till recently, and the US is making my Grandfather, Grandmother, Aunts and Uncles US Citizens in recognition of his service.

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