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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by copeland, Oct 3, 2007.

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    Actually it's more like I am. I've registered a domain through canreg. But I want to have godaddy host the domain. I picked up the economic host package.

    But I can not get the damn dns info to copy over to canreg.

    All I can get is the nameserver for the dns to work, but the ip won't and I need two of them, go daddy game me two servers but one IP...

    this is how it looks right now...On canreg.


    Primary DNS Host: ns1.canreg.com
    Primary DNS IP:
    Secondary DNS Host: ns2.canreg.com
    Secondary DNS IP:

    the only DNS info I have from Godaddy is...

    Domain Name: impallasecurity.ca

    Server IP Address:
    DNS Name Servers: ns43.domaincontrol.com

    Now you'd think I could just delete the info and enter the go daddy stuff in the canreg admin panel so it knew that go daddy info was there for hosting...It worked with my other domains, except I went through dreamhost...now I'm wishing I would have just went with dreamhost...

    right now my domain info looks like this on canreg

    Primary DNS Host: ns43.domaincontrol.com
    Primary DNS IP:
    Secondary DNS Host: ns44.domaincontrol.com
    Secondary DNS IP:

    the dns host is the godaddy info but the dns ip is the canreg info
    any help from web gurus?

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