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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by chevyman, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. chevyman

    chevyman Guest

    It's been way too long, but I'm finally heading up to Tahuya to do some wheeling. We have the following vehicles:

    Suzuki Samurai (5" SOA lift and 33" BFGs)
    Old ass P.O.S. Toyota Pickup (recently replaced broken leaf spring)
    Early 70's Chev Blazer (some huge ass lift, beat to shit)
    '88 Chev Blazer (lifted, lots of shit)
    and my '98 Ford Ranger (service vehicle, carries tools, food, maps, GPS, etc..)

    And we're taking the RV and trailer for any breakdowns and to eat lunch if it's raining.

    I'm just pumped, sorry if no one cares...but I can't wait to get my truck dirty.

    (yeah, I know my name is Chevyman, and I'm driving a ford. The ford used to be my dad's and I sold my Chevy long ago for a Honda, but now I have both. Also have other cars...I have too many, must sell some.)
  2. Thunderbear

    Thunderbear Guest

    Good for you!

    I just got my Z back after 9 months without a 4x4.. so I had to wheel the Corolla I had instead :ugh:.. just washed and waxed the Z, so it will be awhile before I go anywhere with it.

    98 Rangers are decent off-road.. fairly equal with my truck.. which is pretty damn good. What tires are you running? Not the stock AT III Firestones, I hope..
  3. chevyman

    chevyman Guest

    I was actually VERY impressed with the capability of the Ranger. It has the 4:10 limited-slip rearend, which was what really made the difference. The tires are not the Firestones, but they are stock size. Ford gave me BFG's for free, so I just couldn't pass it up. The truck would really benefit from a lift or even just bigger tires. But right now I just don't have the money to spend on it. I have to put a new engine in my Honda, and I was unemployed for the several months.

    BTW, heres a piece of the video shot that day. The video jumps for some reason. I need to re-do it, but I can't right now. Also the sound is almost not there, due to my stupidity (Volume Control>Line In).


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