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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by geekierthanyou, Apr 10, 2008.

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    So back when I bought my Rebel XT (~2 years ago) I got it for a trip to europe. I took a ton of pics there, and since then have taken more here and there and now I'm really getting into photography as an art, not a documentation process.

    I spent some time in lightroom and flickr today browsing through old pics, and I realized that in Lightroom I have about 10k pics, and on flickr about 6k. Back in the day I had no idea that I should go through and delete the crap... although now that I look back I realize that had I don't that I never would have had any pics in the first place :)

    Now I'm going through all my pics and killing an a minimum duplicates, and as best I can anything that I think is utter rubbish while keeping some "snapshot" pics just for remembering where I was and all that.

    This is gunna take a long time...


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