Going to start from scratch......how is this?

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Beason, Sep 21, 2003.

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    I just got back from a 5 hour road trip in the rain from Houston. I bought Black Tahoe that was in great condition beside a few little things that will be taken care of with some help from yall and the love of a PC.

    Click here to see Pics

    Also Look Here Before Reading

    Here Is my game plan, I hope to be able to have this done in 2-3 days. I will not be able to this next weekend, so I have 2 weeks before this will get completely done.

    Friday Afternoon - Day 1
    -Clean Dash and all interior Vinyl parts of Oil Based Product (See Thread Specified for More Info)
    -Use 303 to protect dash and other vinyl parts
    -Clean/Protect leather (Also see thread Specified)
    -Complete Vacum of car
    -Clean Tinted Window w/ Stoners Invisible Glass

    Saturday - Day 2
    Part 1
    -Clean Engine
    -Dawn Wash Car
    -Clay Entire Car - ClayMagic
    -Wash Again - Meg. GC Shampoo

    Part 2
    -DACP w/ Red Meg. Pad or Yellow CMA Pad (See pics for swirls)
    -Meg. Swirl Remover - Yellow or White Pad
    -Meg. #20 Polymer Sealant - Hand
    -Clean Roof Rack, Running Boards and other Plactics (See other thread for help)
    -Protect Above with 303
    -Wheel Wax or Meg. #20 Sealant
    -Meg Endurace Wheel Gel
    -Mother's Chrome Polish on all Chrome
    -Clean Exterior Windows - Stoners Invisible Glass

    -After Sealant has cured
    -Dust off anything that could of gotten on car
    -Final Inspection

    Is there anything that I left out, any advice or suggestion that you have? Any help you can offer with some products or pad choices?

    I will be posting a detailed thread in the Click and Brag Section when I am done with Before, During and After Pictures. Also will have a write up just for fun and to help anyone in the future. Thank you Autopia for your help.
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    Dawn is for dishes. Use car wash soap. Why subject your Tahoe to such a strong degreaser unless you plan on using Zaino?

    Other than that, your plan sounds fine.

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