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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Changed, May 12, 2006.

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    Ever since high school ended I have been a pretty negative person. I have a pretty good life compared to others in my area, but I never seen to be happy. Perhaps I just realize that I dont really have much to look forward to in the future (more bullshit college and then a meaningless job after), but 85% of the time I feel depressed, and usually anxious in social situations without the aid of drugs... Anyway, I'm setting up a meeting with the doctor. I'm guessing he will prescribe me some meds, and probably some therapy, although I have no idea what is wrong with me. :hs: What are the chances he gives me Xanax to treat both the depression and the social anxiety?
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    :eek4: It looks like i suffer from all of those symptoms...
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    please be careful with those meds. i am not a Dr, so don't take anything i say as medical advice. BUT, i did suffer from very bad anxiety and panic disorder.

    please think about this logically. you are depressed. depression revolves around negative THINKING. while all those meds will change how you FEEL, they cannot change how you THINK. only you can change how you think. the meds will only mask the problems until you TRY to get off them. if you do not treat the root of the problem it will never go away. i was able to realize this, and after 1 session of hypnosis, i was cured from my anxiety and panic attacks. i'm serious. i was a worried, scared person.... suffering 3-5 panic attacks a day. i got hypnotised ONCE, and i have not had a SINGLE panic attack since. its been over 3 years. tell me how thats possible, from something my dr's said could only be cured by meds because of a "chemical imbalance."

    i just hate seeing people with similar situations as mine, jumping onto the long list of meds. please, at least try CBT, hypnosis, talk therapy, and alternative ways of treating yourself before getting on meds.

    good luck
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    Like I said, I was guessing that he may put me on meds...And schedule some therapy. Im no psychologist, but thats what my mom said may happen
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    are you joking?
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    whoa i have all those symptoms its scary :ugh:
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    if you go to a medical doctor, thats the only thing they CAN do for you. medical doctors are trained in giving meds, and cutting stuff out of people. they are not trained in alternative medicine, or self healing, or anything. so, i know if you see a medical doctor thats what they will do. you need to find therapists that work with alternate healing. cuz i went to a normal psychologist also, and he sent me to a psychiatrist whos an MD and can give me meds.
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    Psychiatrists can give meds, psychologists cant... My mother is a psychologist, but I wouldnt really feel comfortable with her counciling me :o
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    thats what i said. i went to a psychologist, who sent me to a psychiatrist because she could give me meds.
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    i had a therapist once that wanted me to try CBT, but the clinic closed down and I never did it. I'll look into it. thanks!

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