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    When encountering the situation where you want to do something, but at the same time it's against or at least not what you believe in, which should you choose? If I want to get into a relationship, but there are so many factors going against it, what should I do?

    In more detail, the girl who I like and likes me back wants us to be couples. However, we're both leaving for college in a few months, 10 hours driving distance away, and the distance isn't the only issue. I've never been with a girl before, and this would be a big decision for me to make. On top of that, the parents acceptance issue will arise too, since she is not of Christian faith which my family is. Also, I never imagined myself getting in a serious relationship this early on in my life, since I always believed that there were higher priorities to deal with first.

    How do you weigh the consequences of each, or should you not and just go with your feelings? Should I not think too much about the future and just go for it because I care about her and that's all that matters?
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    Your not ready for this relationship yet. Your future goes above all, how the priorities are set is fairly simple. First you get everything arranged in your life, before you engage into something new. You don't want to hurt yourself or others by jumping into taking unneccesary risks. Play on safe. First college, get yourself a diploma, and then there is plenty o time left to engage with a girl of your liking. Don't let yourself be dragged into something that you are not ready for.

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