good amp to power the polk momo MMC650 speakers?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by deuceforty, Jun 24, 2006.

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    ive got 2 of these soon to be my tower speakers, and i am going to get another pair with the separate tweeter soon, and was wondering a good 4 channel amp to get to run these?? i dont want to spend alot, but im not going to buy any lightning audio if you pick up my drift. please and thank you Smile

    P.S. can anyone suggest what i should run these polks at?? i know they are RMS rated for 100 with a peak 180, but i dont want to have my amp overheat, so i dont want to push anything TOO much...

    what i am looking at right now is one of these 2


    ý Channels: 4

    ý Channel Separation: Yes

    ý Maximum Power: 600 Watts

    ý Bridgeable 4-channel capability 4 x 120W or 2 x 300W (Max. Power)

    ý Continuous output power @ 4Ohm: 4 x 60W or 2 x 150W (14.4V (20-20kHz/4ohms))

    ý Continuous output power @ 2Ohm: 4 x 75W (14.4V (20-20kHz/2ohms))

    ý Variable LPF( -12 dB/Oct): 40 - 120 Hz

    ý Low Frequency response: 20 Hz

    ý High Frequency Response: 20000 Hz

    ý S/N ratio: > 95 dB

    ý Load impedance capability: 2 - 8 Ohm

    ý Built In Crossovers: Yes

    ý High Voltage Input capability: 200 mV - 6.5 V

    ý Type: Bridgeable Power Amplifier

    ý Input level/gain control

    ý RCA terminals (input/output)

    ý RCA input terminals

    ý Speaker Terminals: Screw-type

    ý Power / ground terminals: Large screw-type

    ý LPF: 80 Hz

    ý HPF: 80 Hz

    ý High voltage input capability: 400 mV - 6.5 V

    ý Maximum Output Power @ 4Ohm: 4 x 120W or 2 x 300W

    ý Distortion: < 0.01 %

    ý High Voltage Input Capability: 400mV - 6.5V

    ý Chassis size (W x H x D): 300 x 361 x 336 mm


    Kicker KX350.4 - 4 Channel Amplifier
    RMS Power Output: 60W x 4 @ 4 Ohms
    Peak Power Output: 120W x 4 @ 4 Ohms
    Birdged Output: 175W x 2 @ 4 Ohms
    Signal To Noise Ratio: 95dB
    Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz
    Bass Boost: 0-18dB
    Built-In Crossovers: High and Low
    THD @ 4 Ohm RMS Power: <1%
    Low Level Input: Yes
    Built in Cooling Fan: Yes
    Bass Control Knob: No

    what you guys think??

    hopefully i will try and push these polks at about 80 W a piece, the only thing i worry about with them is that they are only rated to 60W X 4MS, so i dont want to blow anything

    thanks for reading my essay!
    cliffs: i need a relatively inexpensive amp which hopefully will not blow/overheat while eventually running 4 polk 6.5 tower speakers

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