Good beginner bikes (new)

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by VBGOD, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. VBGOD

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    There are a few beginners bikes out there. Each manufacturer has a cheap bike for beginners (most do).

    Note: you can save about $1,000-$2,000 on a used bike. This is a guide for new/cheap bikes.
  2. VBGOD

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    Kawasaki 250R
    Good style
    $2,999 brand new
    Decent power (for the price), and good looking (Sports bike style). This bike also has a 14,000 RPM redline. :eek:
  3. VBGOD

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    Kawasaki 500R
    Good style
    $5,099 brand new
    More power than a 250R, and good looking. The engine is said to be smoother than the 250R.
  4. VBGOD

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    Aprilia RS50
    Amazing style
    $3,549 brand new
    Weak, but beautiful.
    I still wonder how slow this bike would be. 50CC is borderline moped class. :o
  5. VBGOD

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    Honda Nighthawk
    Shitty style
    $3,399 brand new
    Good quality
  6. Guest

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    I would not reccomend the RS50 for the street, it's so slow it's sort of dangerous, but it'll corner like a bastard once it's up and rolling. Maybe if you lived in the country, but on city streets it's just too slow.
  7. car54

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    Ive never ridden a Ninja 250, but I have been on a 500R. I dont know how ANYTHING could be rougher than the 500! its always shaking!
  8. VBGOD

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  9. JLockheed

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    Doh! The SV650S is a good bike. - I just so happened to have layed one down yesterday - Doh!
  10. car54

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    you guys buy the wrong beginner bikes. I sold my Ninja 500R (2001, 3000 miles, never dropped, garaged since new) to a guy for $3500 as his first bike and he dropped it at the truckstop where we made the sale, instantly destroying several hundred $$s of bodywork and busting the radiator open. oops.

    I learned on a 1983 Yamaha Virago 750. It was so heavy I would have died if I dropped it. It had no front brakes, just a rear. It had to be pushed to start. It only ran on one cylinder. It only cost me $10 and a free push from a messican to get it started. I drove that bike for 12,000 miles and 2 years to work every day. Never had a problem till the exaust fell off and the rear cylinder exaust melted a hole in the tire at a railroad crossing.

    Thats a beginner bike!
  11. VBGOD

    VBGOD Guest

    One can make an argument for a used bikes. I for one DO NOT want a 20 year old bike to start out on. There is a Yamaha cruiser by my house. It's in good condition. The guy is asking $2,000 for it. The bike is a 1982 model. Ummmm.. I'll pay an extra $1,000 and get a 2003 - thank you. I can afford it... so.. I'll probably go for a new bike. If I stumble upon a used bike that is dirt cheap, then I'd go for it, but that's not really going to happen.
  12. VBGOD

    VBGOD Guest

    $6,000 :sad2:
  13. VBGOD

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    Here's another one..

    MSRP*: $4,399
    Engine: 487cc, four-stroke, twin cylinder, air cooled with DOHC
  14. Guest

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    the GS500's are pretty nice if you don't mind a standard. They haven't been changed in years either.
  15. CobraR

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    don't forget the honda vtr 250 either.

    yea, i know, they don't make them anymore. so that puts it out for some of you. however.. its not smart at all to buy a brand new bike with plastics as a first bike. its almost just as stupid to buy the same bike for 1g less and a few years older... it's still gonna break when it falls... :(

    im kinda in the middle tho.. i think it just wouldn;t be smart (read: cost-efficient) to buy a brand new bike.. nor would it be too smart (read: reliablilty) to buy a reallly old dirt cheap bike thats not fireing on all cyclinders and other various problems.

    i personally am looking for bike thats are cheap now, but where at the top of the heap in their day.. a day in the late 80's early 90's :wiggle:
  16. Prelude Ed

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    i'll sell you my 98 Katana 600 for $3500......

    next May.... :p
  17. Short Bus

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    Apr 17, 2001
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    PERFECT beginners bike. I wouldn't buy one brand new though.

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