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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Guest, Mar 26, 2002.

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    I have never ridden a bike but have been looking at bike's for almost a year. I got some friends with bike's so I know a lil' bit about em. I was thinking maybe getting a 600 F3 or F2. What would be a good bike for me? I would like to spend between 3 and 4k. Also how much can I expect to pay for insurance (only riding from May - October) and accesories such as helmet and gloves. Thanks.
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    Have you taken a MSF class yet? There are lots of factors in picking out your first bike, ie riding experience, height, weight, power, etc. Since you've never ridden a bike before, your first bike will be something to learn on and not to keep. You're looking at at least $500 for jacket, helmet, and gloves, and at least $400 per year to insure the F3. Here's a good place to ask questions
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    im kinda in the same boat as you
    ive ridden a few teims alot of dirt bikes and such i deidec to go with a cruser instead of a sportbike

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