Good DVD Players for Under $200?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by eXNBP, Apr 11, 2002.

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    What should I look for in a DVD player? What are the major differences between the cheaper ones and the more expensive ones? Good brands? :confused:
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    Haven't had a problem with my Toshiba SD2750 since I bought it in December. The only thing I would change about the Toshiba would be its lack of SVCD support, so I added an APEX 1500 that plays everything.

    I also owned a Pioneer DV333 that gave me no problems.

    Since owning 3 different brands of DVD players, the video on my 27 inch TV doesn't appear any different through S-video and I can't tell any difference between digital audio out and co-ax out in my setup.

    Just about any sub-$200 DVD player should be fine unless you have a brand new HDTV set, then you would probably want to start looking into progressive scan models.

    Just look for the features that you want: (S)VCD, mp3, cdr/cdrw playback, etc. and then decide from there.
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    Apr 8, 2002
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    I'd say Pioneer. I have the 333 and it (even though it is outdated now) still plays everything without a problem. So just a basic Pioneer gets my vote.
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    Panasonic RP56. About $180 (sears?). Has NO Chroma bug. And has the Sage chip from Faroudja. Meaning one of the best pictures possible in progressive scan mode. Many over at the well respected use this dvd player for their front projection setups. Told my coworker to get one to match up with his $10000 Sharp DLP projector. Looks awesome. Great picture for less than $200.
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    Since most of the dvd players under $200 are about the same, performance wise, your next consideration might be the warranty.

    A recent trend has been for manufacturers to no longer offer 1 year warranties on some electronics, and cut them down to 90day only. I went with a Pioneer, which offers 1 year.

    I've heard that the manufacturers were losing money trying to repair all these 1 year old dvd players which were no longer worth repairing.
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    does progressive scan do anything for non hdtv?

    i have a sony wega with what i think is very good quality picture compared to any other TV i've owned, will it make a difference if the dvd player has prog-scan or not?
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    get a DVD rom man, it's a lot cheaper, like $50! :p

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