Good online retailer for home audio speakers?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Peter Jun, Mar 15, 2007.

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    I cant seem to find any that sells the higher end brands
  2. Ronin

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    higher end companys sell their products differently and pretty much authorize retailers by hand so to speak.

    many high end companies will not sell to online retailers as they fit demo'ing the product is a must. At least this is what I have gathered.

    for lower end stuff:

    well not really low end per se but not high end.

    also check out and if they are expensive speakers one can assume the prior owner took good care of them I know I always handle my paradigms with great care, never set things on them, clean frequently etc.

    music direct (and be sure to explore the site) has quite a bit of gear including loudspeakers.

    last time I checked Im pretty sure Epos was a well received company.

    music direct also sells all of the turntable gear you could need, they also have a pretty good library of LPs new and old molds and SACDs and DVD-As, I know it can be hard to find high end music formats on places like amazon so music direct is a place to check out.

    (it's a little spendy though so put google to use)
  3. Harry V. Gina

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    What brands are you looking for? Some brands prohibit online sales.

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