good product to use for wheel wells?

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    Cleaning Wheel Wells

    Scott...what do you suggest to clean the wheel wells? my mustang looks like ive been offroading and nothing ive used has helped (covered the well with simple green and blasted it to no effect :( )
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    i want to know this also
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    If there is simply an accumulation of dirt (and not something like paint you drove through), a citrus based cleaner and a stiff bristle scrub brush, combine with a pressure washer (or maybe the wand at a coin-op wash) would work. It may take 2-3 times before you get everything out, especially if the fenderwells have a rough surface instead of smooth plastic.

    Once you have them cleaned and dressed, they are pretty easy to maintain.
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    That texturized, rubberized spray in fenderwell coating is some of the WORST stiff ever invented. The last two cars i did had this on them. Yeah, it may reduce road particle noise...but thats only becuase it catches every bit of it. I had to use orange blast, and a stiff boat brush to get them clean. Fortunately after dousing them with poorboys trim restore, they seem to be keeping the bulk of the sticky muddy grime at bay.

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