Good Products for White Paint?

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Incognito, Aug 4, 2006.

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    Hi All,

    before you flame me, i have read through a fair few pages of threads to try and find some of the information that i require, but i wasn't really able to see anything... and i am unable to access the search button :(

    i hope you guys can help me!

    I have a White Nissan Skyline that i would like to get looking her best...
    Her finish at the moment is pretty good (i always get people commenting on how shiny she is) but i would like to get her looking even better, as there are a fair few spider-webs in the paint on the roof.

    At the moment the products i am use are just the Meguiars Professional series...

    i have in my arsenal:

    Meguiars ScratchX
    Swirl Remover 2.0 #9
    Showcar Glaze #7
    Fine Cut Cleaner #2
    Meguiars Tech Wax
    Quik Clay

    now, being in Australia, we don't have the same variety and selection of products that you guys have over there in America.

    I guess what i am asking, is, what are some good products to use with White paint, as i know different products have different strengths and weaknesses with different colours... is anyone able to recommend any?

    to give you an idea of what we have available, this is a detailing supplier that is nearby me.

    Also, in terms of Random Orbital Buffers, is it absolutely necessary to have this 'Porter Cable' that i keep hearing you guys talking about? or would the Bosch ROB on that Waxit site suffice?

    or would i be better off ordering some products from the US and waiting a few weeks for them to arrive?

    Many thanks for your assistance, and i'm sorry for the n00bish question.
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    Without seeing your car, there is now way for anyone here to tell you what to use to make your car look the way you think it looks best. Polish out the swirls and defects and any wax or sealant will look good.
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