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    Shootout kills man, wounds 2 deputies in Faulkner County

    BY DEBRA HALE-SHELTON - December 17, 2005

    CONWAY — A man was shot to death early Friday after he wounded
    two Faulkner County sheriff’s deputies responding to a domestic-distur-
    bance call and, with a shotgun in tow, headed toward a bedroom where
    his exgirlfriend was hiding, a sheriff’s office spokesman said.

    The woman’s current boyfriend, John Sides Jr., stepped out of the
    bedroom and shot the assailant, who already had been wounded in the side
    by one of the deputies, sheriff’s Lt. Jack Pike said. Pike identified
    the dead man as Christopher Michael Tindoll, 27, whose most recent
    address was a Conway apartment but who also had recently lived in Heber

    Sgt. Jason Bell, who has been with the sheriff’s office eight
    years, and Deputy Wesley Martin, an officer for 1 / 2 years,
    were treated at Conway Regional
    Medical Center and were released later Friday. Bell underwent minor
    surgery to remove shotgun pellets, Pike said. Both officers were
    relieved of duty with pay, which Pike said is routine procedure for
    officers involved in shootings. He said it would give them time to
    adjust after their ordeal.

    Sides was not arrested, Pike said, because
    “he didn’t do anything wrong.” “ Mr. Sides did exactly what he should
    have done.... He, along with our officers, potentially saved the lives
    of other people” in that house.

    Sides, the woman, whose name was unavailable, and three children lived
    in the small brown, frame house where the shootout occurred. The
    residence on Havens Lane — off a gravel road in a remote, wooded area
    near Round Mountain — is about six miles south of downtown Conway.

    Pike gave this account of the events, which began about 1 : 24 a. m. and
    culminated in the shootings at 1 : 55 a. m.:

    Bell and Martin responded to a disturbance call at the house. By the
    time they got there, Tindoll, who reportedly had broken into the home
    and had a physical altercation with Sides, had gone to another residence
    to get his 12-gauge shotgun. A person at that house called Sides’
    girlfriend and warned her that Tindoll was on his way back ; she in turn
    notified the sheriff’s office. Bell and Martin noticed Tindoll driving
    toward the house and followed him.

    “He jumped out and ran in the house, and they [the deputies ] ran after
    him,” Pike said.

    At that point, Pike said, Tindoll fired his shotgun once, striking both
    officers in the side. Bell returned fire with his service revolver,
    striking Tindoll in the side, Pike said. “The suspect turned and started
    back down the hall toward the girlfriend’s room,” but Sides shot Tindoll
    in the chest. Tindoll was pronounced dead at the scene. Pike did not
    know why Martin didn’t return fire but said the officers knew children
    were in another room of the house and had to take that into account.

    Capt. Cleve Barfield of the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation
    Division said the agency was investigating the shooting. The division
    “has put agents to work... to begin retracing the chain of events that
    unfolded,” state police spokesman Bill Sadler said. Pike said Tindoll
    had no criminal record in Faulkner County. He said Tindoll had a record
    of driving while intoxicated and public intoxication elsewhere. He did
    not know if there had been any domestic-violence cases involving Tindoll
    in other counties. Late Friday afternoon, no one appeared to be home at
    the Sides house, and there was nothing to indicate a shooting had taken
    place there hours earlier. A few yards away, neighbor Jon Noble said he
    had just gone to bed early Friday morning when he heard what sounded
    like someone banging into his neighbors’ house.

    Noble said a family had lived there only a few months, and he didn’t
    know their names. He did recall a man stopping him one time and saying
    he was looking for a woman who had been “cheating on him.”

    Noble said he later heard someone “hollering, ‘Chris, put your gun
    down.’ I bet you 30 or 40 times.”
    He said he also heard shouts of “freeze, stop” and then heard a man
    reply, “‘ I ain’t putting my gun down. I ain’t going to jail. ’”
    “The last thing I heard was ‘Chris, don’t do that. You don’t want to do
    that,’” Noble recalled.

    Then, he said, a shotgun fired.
    “I heard it go boom, pow, pow, boom, pow,” he said, followed by the
    sounds of a smaller weapon going “pow, pow, pow, pow three or four times.”

    “I heard [someone ] saying, ‘I’m hit,’” and then another man saying, “‘I
    am, too.’”

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    Glad to hear that scumbag died for it :bigthumb:

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