GOsa + LDAP + Samba + Linux/Mac/Windows?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by MissKitty, Mar 22, 2007.

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    I'm building a network pretty soon to try and completely integrate a mixed environment of primarily Linux machines, but also MacOSX and WindowsXP desktops too.

    I'll be using LDAP (via OpenLDAP) and GOsa to do user/account/device management. Windows sharing and auth will be handled via Samba (connecting to LDAP for auth), and will run Cygwin for automated scripting of the various industry-specific apps they need to use.

    Anyone here done anything like this? GOsa has given be grief in the past and I found it was a lot of "black magic" to get working (documentation seems poor, and some vital steps are missing from their docs which are difficult to track down without trawling through logs for hours), but with that said it seems to be the easiest way to manage this sort of thing after it's all set up and working (I don't want this business to call me every time they need to add a user).

    Are there any pitfalls to using LDAP auth and home directory NFS mounting under MacOSX? OpenDirectory looks like a nice alternative to all of this, but I really want to stick with open source and not need to be a slave to Apple's upgrade path.

    Multi-platform is mandatory due to the nature of the business (film/tv/commercials/special effects). There's no way this will work under a homogenous setup, and I really want this to work with proper single-sign-on and secure authentication.

    Comments? Suggestions? Warnings? Anyone done this either with these tools or with an alternative like Apple Open Directory or Novell eDirectory successfully with a mixed network?
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    I got no help for you, but I'm interested in your experience if you would care to update. I'm supposed to help a friend get Linux Samba shares to use MS Active Directory LDAP for access control, and I've got to employ Active Directory LDAP based validation for my Perl application. So I'd like to hear about your LDAPage.

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