SRS Got a phone number.....but it doesnt work.

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by zanook, Jan 29, 2008.

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    First time posting in asylum so go easy on me :p.

    So, there is a girl that i had some classes with in high school, i didnt really pay much attention to her then, i graduated from hs, and now she is a senior.
    Recently we started going back up to a local cicis pizza place and she works there and starts to flirt with me, so this goes on almost every time i go up there and i eventually got up the nerve to ask if she wanted to do somthing like go see a movie. She gave me her cell phone number, and when i try to call it i get a recorded msg from sprint saying "The pcs number you have dialed is temporarily out of service" and that was about a week ago. I went back up where she works to recently and she completly ingnores me now.

    So, now what?
    I found what i think is her home phone, but calling that would probaly be seen as creepy.
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    "The pcs number you have dialed is temporarily out of service" = she did not pay her phone bill

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    And you like her. Alright.

    One of two things happened. Given the recorded message she may not have paid the bill.

    1: She gave you a bullshit number, or
    2: The phone service really isn't working unintentionally.

    The probability is she doesn't like you, however it's easy enough to let her know you called but the service was down. I always drive a nail into the coffin in situations like this. A "bad" number is a red flag, but I like to make sure if the opportunity arises.

    You: I called your cell phone number on _________ (date/time)
    Her: Oh?
    You: Your service was disconnected, I just wanted to let you know (Then you go sit down and eat with friends or whatever)

    If she comes over and gives you another number, the service was actually down. If she doesn't, she was bullshitting you. Either way you don't look bad and you save face.

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