TAT Got my tongue pierced today...ouch

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Nefarious1, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. Nefarious1

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    My wife and I went this afternoon and got them done. It wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. Right afterwards, we went and got icee's. The bar is a 12ga 3/4". For after care we got Tech2000 and some sea salt. Both of us are really swollen right now.

    They told us not to take anything like ibuprofin until tomorrow if possible. Also no soda's or hot/spicey foods for the next week.

    Eventually, I think I want to stretch to a 10ga. I've also been thinking about getting a labret and cbr's in both ears. :wiggle:
  2. Mr.wonderful

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    sounds pretty good, is this your first piercing?
  3. Nefarious1

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  4. Mr.wonderful

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    good way to start. I wouldn't mind my girlfriend to get her eyebrow pierced. I think it looks sexy on the right face.
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    May 5, 2004
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    hell yeah man congrats! i had 2 6g's in my tongue and ended up putting a 10g in the front hole b/c the two big balls would pinch my skin between them. once you go bigger your going to want to keep getting bigger. i know your saying "no i won't" but you will. i'd say go for a 4-8g and you'll be happy.
  6. Nefarious1

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    I may consider going that big. I'll just have to get used to it and see what is most comfortable. I've got to take into consideration what my wife likes as well. I don't want to step off on the far wild side. I already hinted to her about wanting to get some other stuff done and she looked at me weird :mepoke:

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