Got to spend time on an ST1300. Surprisingly enjoyable experiance.

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by HMan, Oct 31, 2005.

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    Took my Dad's relatively new ST1300 for the day and put a couple hundred miles on it. Really nice ride. I could actually see myself selling the 'Busa next year and buying one.

    Seat has to go. I'm "Corbinized" though and it seems that I'm never happy with a stock seat and every bike I've owned ended up with a Corbin seat.

    Other than that, only thing I could see wanting for comfort is a set of foot pegs to stretch my legs ever so often. Its odd but my knees do better on my Busa than they do in the standard position that the ST1300 or my old Concours put me in. Makes NO sense whatsoever.

    Power seems weak but then again my sense of speed and power has been heavily skewed by my personal ride. If I step back and try to get away from the current mindset I can say that the ST13 has a pretty dang potent punch. It passes with ease and is truely deceptivly fast. My Busa makes it easy to speed but damn, the ST makes no noise and no vibes whatsoever to tell you "slow down a bit buddy".

    Handling was really good. Due to the upright seating posture it's easy to keep my weight off the bars to stay neutral and extremely easy to hang off and just rail through the curves. I do have to say that the suspension is a bit soft so mid corner bumps are a bit unnerving. Didn't have a chance to look but perhaps there is some adjustment room there. The forks actually seemed ok. It was the rear shock that was allowing the bike to wobble a bit when the road dipped. I dare say that with firmer suspension I'd be damn near dangerous. I surprised myself a couple of times on Hwy 62 here in southern Indiana by comparing my exit speeds with the ones I know I'm usually running on my Busa.

    The electrically adjustable windshield came in handy when the temps started to drop. Not much else to say there other than that the weather protection was pretty nice. Been quite awhile since I rode anything that offered much of that. The Busa does a good job of keeping your legs dry but everything else is soaked in a good rain and you collect a lot of wind with the stock windscreen.

    I didn't get to spend much time riding in the dark but I have to say that the headlights are just plain excellent. I'd love to add a couple of HID driving lights to supplement and see just how well I could light up a curvy road at night.

    Storage is nice but seeing as I didn't get to use it much on a day ride I can't comment too much on it. I do know that it was nice to be able to haul my SLR digital in the tail bag (Givi add-on) rather than carry it on my back.

    Pretty much sums it up. Not much else to say. Look forward to swiping it again soon.

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