SRS Grandfather's funeral v. time conflict

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Kev07, Feb 26, 2010.

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    Sep 22, 2006
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    Cambridge, MA
    I go to school away from home (6 hour drive/1 hour flight)

    Wednesday evening, I get a call from my pops saying that my grandfather is in the hospital and might not make it. I book a flight back home for later that night.

    I stayed with my family throughout the night, went home and slept and got woken up early the next day because the hospital called and said my grandfathers last moments were coming.

    rushed to the hospital and stayed with family for a few hours until my grandfather passed away.

    my original flight back to school is booked for sunday, i have classes monday tuesday and wednesday, i also have 2 appointments (one with a doctor on campus and one with the career center) on monday

    i've already missed thursday and friday classes (which are, coincidentally, my least busy days of the week), however i have fairly important classes on tuesday and wednesday, and again, 2 appointments on monday.

    my pops said they're planning the funeral for my grandfather on tuesday or wednesday

    should i change my flight to be able to make my grandfather's funeral? I know these are one of the choices i have to make for myself, but i've never experienced a death in my closer family before, so i'm not sure what kind of an impact my grandfather's funeral would have on me

    if it means anything, i was close to my grandfather when i was younger, but towards my teen years my parents divorced and i lived with my mom and didnt see him as much, he started getting weak/ill and was never in the same state of mind (absent minded, apathetic, bad bad memory) so we drifted apart.
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    You should absolutely change your flight.
    I recognize that these are important appointments, but the only sort of person that wouldn't allow you to rearrange a schedule for your grandfathers death is an asshole.

    Having said that.
    Something that might come in handy (bear with me, it is gonna sound kind of cold but I am gonna justify it)
    Get and keep a copy of the death notice in the newspaper and some sort of copy of the death certificate if you can.

    1. The airline normally charges you to postpone flights and stuff, but they have special rules for funerals and if you take advantage of this you will save some bucks. They do ask for proof though.

    2. In the case that any of the above people that you have to reschedule with are assholes nothing and I mean nothing will shut them up and get you what you need then shoving proof in there face.
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    You can make up classes, reschedule appointments, but you can only go to the funeral this one time. I would make that my top priority. People will understand.
    Sorry for your loss.:wtc:
  4. BlazinBlazer Guy

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    :werd: There's absolutely no way to replace the regret you'll probably feel if you miss the funeral; there ARE ways to make up classes and other appointments you have to reschedule.
  5. Lucky Penny

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    at your mom's house. be back later.
    Ya know, I was in EXACTLY the same position in Sept (live 6 hours away, had work and school appointments that I was really torn about missing, was just back at my parent's house not long before my grandfather's death and had to find a way to head back for the funeral..)

    I drove the 6 hours back to my home town even though I was pretty on the fence about doing so and honestly, I'm REALLY glad I made the trip back. I wasn't especially close to him, in fact, he was kind of a bastard of a man, but he was my only grandfather and I do have some fond memories of him. I also felt like my dad really could use the support so I felt I needed to go back for his funeral. Really glad I did.

    I say stay in town for the funeral. If anything, your family will appreciate your presence.

    And I'm sorry for your loss :hug: Thinking of you :hs:

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