Grandma's Boy *Sneak Preview Review w/o Spoilers*

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by kronik85, Dec 6, 2005.

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    so my friend stacy and i saw some ads for this free screening of Grandma's Boy. we'd never heard of it, never seen a comercial or trailer and had no idea what to expect. we didn't even know who the people in it were because the cover was a buncha charicatures.

    for an hour while we waited in line i joked about how the movie was going to suck and it'd be so terrible.

    i must say, it was one of the funniest movies i have seen in a long while. i would rank it up there with wedding crashers and 40 year old virgin. yes it was that funny.

    if you've ever seen an adam sandler movie, you'll recognize 90% of the cast. this includes adam cover and peter dante. there are also the notable kevin nealon and david spade (though he's not a main character).

    there was also doris roberts (everybody loves raymond's mother).

    it was basically non stop laughter, hilarious jokes, and just a hiarious college themed movie. if you're into movies like harold and kumar go to white castle, and old school, then you'll fuckin love this movie. i almost pissed myself.

    i highly highly highly recommend you see it when it comes out like january 6th.

    -Screened at the University of New Hampshire-

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