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    I've always been into taking photos, making like little movies w/ my parents camcorders, editing crap etc.... The thing is, I never really got big into it due to lack of equipment, computer software etc. I'm in college now and I'm getting a degree in Advertising and Multimedia. I plan on getting a new digi cam, and really learning CS3 etc so I can have a broad knowledge of a lot of programs. I'm taking about 10 multimedia classes that range from web design, to video editing, to photo manipulation. I plan on teaching myself how to do a lot of this stuff on line w/ tutorials etc too. I'm 22, and I really want to know is it too late for me to start getting into graphic design now? I'm not really good at free hand drawing, but my family has a long art background, and I think with enough practice I can learn what I want to learn?

    Are there jobs out there that need guys like me that know how to get power point presentations, edit company videos, make a quick web page etc? Are they even in demand? Sorry for the long post, but the semester is coming up shortly where I actually start taking classes for my major and I'm sort of nervous. Thanks.
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    There is and will always be a demand. Pay may not be the best at first, but if you are creative and know the tools you can in the long run make a good living. The programs you should be most familiar with are InDesign, Illustrator and photoshop, though once you learn the first two, PS will will be nearly obsolete in some aspects. Another program that oddly enough people still use is Quark, mainly newspapers that are set in their ways.

    Don't ever think it's too late to learn this stuff, it's not. Take all the classes you can, read all the books you can find and study all the tutorials and most of all, PAY ATTENTION and know that in most of those programs there usually is 2-3 or more ways of doing the exact same thing. Lastly, once you have the software you should be using it all the time even if you don't need to. The best way to hone your skills is by simply setting a goal, and attempting, even if you fail.

    Also a good thing to know is files and how they work ie JPEG, GIF, TIFF, RAW, PDF, psd, indd etc etc.

    Learn keyboard shortcuts. nothing will disqualify you more in a job interview than being sat down to design something and using the menu every 3 seconds.

    I don't ever use web design stuff at work, so I don't know about that area.

    Only there things I can suggest is taking all the design classes you can ie basics of design, color theory, typography etc depending on what your school offers.

    Art is essential as well. You may not want to be a traditional artist, but design is itself art. Knowing the basics of lines, shadows, forms, lighting etc is crucial.

    Hope this helps :dunno:

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