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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by eligh, Oct 19, 2004.

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    Jun 3, 2004
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    So, after doing some writing, I made a gratitude list, now it started serious, got a little stupid in the middle, and ended on a more serious note, but I'll felt obligated to share it with R2R ....

    1. I am grateful to God, that I am clean today.
    2. I am grateful to NA, that I have been clean for 9 months +.
    3. I am grateful to Matt, for showing me that this program works.
    4. I am grateful to Rick, for showing me how this program works.
    5. I am grateful to Joey, for getting clean and showing me carrying the message works.
    6. I am grateful for all the new friends I have met in recovery.
    7. I am grateful to my parents to still be paying for school.
    8. I am grateful for my athletic skills I have developed.
    9. I am grateful to the fellowship for assisting in the development of my social skills.
    10. I am grateful I can hit on girls and think about nothing else while I'm doing it.
    11. I am grateful for my first relationship in recovery (even though it's over).
    12. I am grateful for girls with big butts.
    13. I am grateful I can learn new skills like lifting weights.
    14. I am grateful for all my material posessions, including but not limited to: my truck, my apartment, my computer (even though it's broken), my clothes, my bed, my couches, my tables, my paintings on the wall, my skateboards, my shoes, my old TV, my semi-broken stereo, my MP3 collection and many more things.
    15. I am grateful I weigh 149 pounds right now.
    16. I am grateful I can will myself to eat a lot.
    17. I am grateful I that I can apply a first step to problems like sleeping in.
    18. I am grateful that I don't have to sell dope today.
    19. I am grateful that I have a cool job where I can make a gratitude list.
    20. I am grateful that I have some self-acceptance today.

    Please, make your own gratitude list and share it with R2R. :bigthumb:
  2. Great list! Um, I'm #12 on your list :big grin:
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    I don't think there's anything stupid about gratitude for anything. You have a good, long list and you seem happy. That's great. I'm mostly grateful for having a program to point my life in a positive direction, something I can go back to year after year. Right now I'm just revisiting step 3, trying to let acceptance flow over me. My mind has been on my parents a lot the last few years, they were old and needed my help, and my program has gotten a little out of whack. I'm grateful I can start thinking more about my own needs again.
  4. Excellent list!

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