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    ...compiled str8 from Queer Eye (no pun intended)

    Styling 101
    When using hair styling products, work them in from the back to the front. Warm them up in your hands, that's going to emulsify them a little bit. And if you play with the small bits in the back, you can often see it in the front, creating a nice, framing effect.

    Bronze In A Bottle
    Get the summer glow without the damage: try a sunless tanning lotion. To ensure an even application, exfoliate before you apply.

    My Razor, My Self
    Shaving is one of the simple things you can do to make it look like you've given some thought to your look. The best time to do so is the morning, after your shower so the warm water will help soften your beard. Pre-shave oil will help soften it even more.

    Razor burn can be a real drag, but it's easy to avoid no matter how rough your beard is. Always use a sharp razor with at least two blades and a moveable head.

    Start with the sides of your face, and save your lip and neck for last. Those are problem areas for a lot of guys; if we do them last, we give the oil and the shaving cream more time to do their work.

    When you shave, you're actually creating your sideburns. You want to make sure they are even, and a great way to check is to take your index finger and put it at the very bottom of your sideburn on both sides, step back and have a look.

    Smells Like A Winner
    A good, sophisticated fragrance line makes the man. When applying, the secret to getting it right with fragrance is: spray, delay, and walk away.

    Long And Light
    Layers remove weight from hair without forcing you to lose length.

    Styling 101, Part 2
    Styling paste adds texture without stiffness. When you get out of the shower simply towel dry your hair and start scrunching it to accentuate the curls. Warm a small amount of styling paste in your hand to emulsify it, then flip your hair over and start applying it.

    Hair Care 101
    Good grooming means washing your hair every day, right? Wrong. Sometimes your hair can look its best on the second or third day after shampooing. Speaking of shampoo, I'm not a big fan of the shampoo-conditioner all-in-one scenario. Call me old fashioned, but I like my conditioner to be conditioner and my shampoo to be shampoo.

    No More Dishpan Hands
    Keep a bottle of hand lotion in kitchen so that after you wash your hands you can re-moisturize them.

    It Also Keeps Your Car Shiny
    Regular waxing reduces future hair growth.

    Breakfast For The Face
    Skin care doesn't have to cost a fortune. Make a simple moisturizing facial mask with 1/2 an avocado, 1/2 a banana and some oatmeal. It's perfect for the winter months. And an aloe mask is great for reducing dark circles.

    My Razor, My Self (Part 2)
    For African-American guys, I recommend a really creamy (as opposed to foamy) shaving cream. Their beards are super coarse and super curly, with a tendency to grow right into the skin causing in-grown hairs. A good, thick cream is so dense it gets right in against the skin and right up against the hair follicle.

    If you're going to shave your head with a razor that's fine, but let's have one for your head and then another one your face. Though I always advocate shaving right after a shower (because your beard is softened by the water), if you shave your head as well, you should shave in the shower instead

    Not For Anyone's Viewing Pleasure
    It's good to have a little cilia in your nostrils because they filter out impurities. When they start coming out of your nose, that's when they're not useful anymore.

    Mow The Lawn
    If your body hair is freakishly long, try trimming it with an electric hair trimmer. Manscaping done well can make a midsection look thinner and just about anything else look bigger.

    Like David Copperfield In A Bottle
    Airbrushed tanning can actually contour the body to give the illusion of slenderness and emphasizes muscle definition.

    An Orange A Day...
    Vitamin C is a very, very powerful antioxident. It's really great for the skin in terms of protecting it from free radical damage.

    Best Foot Forward
    Hey straight guys, it's sandal season again. Few things are worse than a farmer's tan on the feet, so get a pedicure, tan your hooves and trade in your high-tops for flip-flops.

    High & Low
    Put some highlights and lowlights into your hair to create depth and dimension.

    No More Plastic Razors
    Let me just tell you about disposable razors — they're illegal as far as I'm concerned.

    Plastic + Blue = Not For You
    If it's in a plastic tube and it's blue, it probably doesn't need to go on your face.

    Clean As A Bristle
    Anything you stick in your mouth should be clean. Make sure your toothbrush is sanitary: soak it in an antiseptic mouthwash for about a minute to kill the harmful bacteria.
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    Have Curls, Get Weight
    If your hair is curly like Josh's, you need a proper haircut for shape, and you need the right product to keep the curl intact and give your hair some weight — otherwise, it's going to be all over the place.

    Do Curls, Lose Weight
    Weight training is really important because the more lean muscle mass you have, the more your metabolism rate will increase. With a high metabolism, even when you're resting you're burning fat.

    Shadow For Shape
    Clean-shaven is not your only acceptable option. If you leave a five o'clock shadow, it's going to actually accentuate your jaw line.

    Tile Denial
    The shower at the gym can be a very scary place. For germs, I mean. That's why a pair of cheap flip-flops is a gym bag essential.

    In Your Skin
    If you have complexion that is worse for wear, some of it is genetic and some of it is probably lifestyle. If you smoke, even just a little, drink alcohol, eat a lot of sugar — these are bad for the skin. But if you start taking care of your skin you can actually reverse some of the damage that's been done.

    Clutter—Not The Answer
    Clutter is one of the tell-tale signs that somebody is not in control of their life.

    How To Wash A Face
    Facial clenser is gentler and less drying than soap. Simply put some warm water on your face, put a little bit of the cleanser in the palm of your hand. Don't emulsify it too much in your hands, because then you're just washing your hands. After that, just rub it into your face.

    First Things First
    Remember to shave before you put on your moisturizer.

    Better Than Plucking
    No nose hair ever! If you've got a nose hair situation, get an electric nose hair trimmer. They're quick, painless and effective.

    For A Dirty Time, Call ____
    If you can carve your name in the bottom of your bathtub, you probably need to clean it.

    Clichéd But True
    Think you'll impress with your extremely miserly spending habits? Wrong. "You don't have a second chance to make a first impression," and that is such a true saying. And so is: "sometimes you have to spend money to make money."

    You Knew That, Right?
    Everyone should know that conditioner keeps your hair from getting dry.

    Creamy Goodness
    Eye cream is great for that delicate skin around your eyes. To apply, put a little on your ring finger and tap, don't rub.

    Two Taps A Day Will Keep The Bags Away
    To apply eye cream, you start with a tapping motion, don't drag. The skin directly under the eyes is very delicate, so tapping rather than dragging — and starting from the outside working inward — is the answer. If you use it twice a day, in six weeks you'll see a really big difference.

    Clipper Before Razor
    If you have a thick beard like Jeff had and want to shave it off, remember: electric clippers first, razor second.

    The Declaration of Epidermis
    Unlike men, all moisturizers are not created equal. So as you age, pick ones with anti-oxidants and SPF. They'll keep you from looking too old, too soon

    Cropped = Commanding
    Guys that are bald and look good being bald are guys that have their hair tight and short. It's a commanding look.

    Or Wear A Hat
    Athletes are hot, but sometimes they burn. So if you're going to be out in the sun, apply an SPF 15 minutes before you go. If you're bald, apply sunblock first on top of your head. Basically, the skin on top of your head is like the skin on your face. You have to take care of it.

    Color Today...Color Tomorrow
    If your hair has been colored to hell and back just like Steven's, it's going to be a process to get it from "chunky" to natural. It won't happen overnight, so be patient.

    My Razor, My Self (Part 3)
    After you get out of the shower and after you've washed your face, you put on the pre-shave oil, put it in the palm of your hand, and put it all over the place on your face. Wet your shaving brush, dabbing it around and working it around on your face with the shaving cream. Always shave with the grain and since most of the hair on your throat grows up, you need to shave up.

    Wash It Good
    Just because you can't reach it doesn't mean you shouldn't wash it. Your back, I mean. So keep a long-handle loofah brush in your bathtub to get those hard-to-reach spots.

    Once you turn thirty, you should have a regular visit to the dermatologist just to check out any possible irregular moles.

    Acid: The Gauze That Refreshes
    Out of all the possible chemical peels, salicylic acid is the most gentle. It will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and it will help reverse sun damage. You will really notice over the next few days that your skin tone will improve. It'll look like you've had a great night's sleep all the time.

    My Razor, My Self...Yet Again
    Every once in a while you need to check your razor to see if it's is dull or if it's just getting tired and you need a new one.

    Stress Less
    Bad skin adding stress to your life? Or is it the other way around? Always make time during your day to relax. Yoga and meditation are great stress relievers
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