ground wire's. . how many?

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    my question...

    I have a 02 blazer, my system is powered by 1 guage power wire and the same for ground. my ground is grounded to one of the body mounting bolts inside the cab, my question is i have quite a few grounds connected to the truck floor, like power convertors for ps2, the electrical boxes for my 4 screens, radio, cooling fans, dvd, and a few neons and what ever else is there. would it be better for the truck if i added a few more good grounding wires going from the bottom of the cab to the frame underneath the sure the factory ones are not made to hold up to all that. also since i have 1 guage going from the amp to the frame should i have 1 guage going from the frame to the to much ground a bad thing? i know too little ground is bad

    give me some info on grounding. .
    thanks :) :)
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    No, there really isnt such a thing of too much ground, other than you can end up spending more money than you needed to. Upgrading the wires from the alternator to battery and battery to chassis can help, especially if the factory wires are really thin.

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