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  1. Detailed the suburban -- wanted to get some of the musty smell out and something fruitier in. Bought one of those little pine trees -- vanillaroma, my favorite. Since I think they look cheesy hanging from the mirror and I planned on hiding it under the seat the next time I drove it, I leaned it on the clear plastic glass covering the guages. I come out the next morning and pick it up and the lense is totally clouded up -- IN THE SHAPE OF A FRIGGIN' PINE TREE!!! Who knew? Apparently the chemicals used in the air freshener absorbed into the plastic and screwed it up. I'm fairly sure the plastic is ruined, but am I going to have to replace the entire guage cluster or can I just replace the plastic lense?
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    Try some plastic polish. I used Mothers Plastic Polish on hazed headlights on Wednesday and it worked beautifully. 30 seconds and the headlight looked like new. Try it out.

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