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Paul Revere

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May 19, 2003
Cali-NO NFA-fornia
I'm used to paying out the ass for off-roster handguns here :o

It's also why I'm asking if people own it and how they like it because I don't want to spend a ton and realize I don't like the stupid thing.
True. I got lucky and got my off roster guns back when SSE was still a thing.

Fortunately if you don't like it you can probably make your money back to some schmuck on calguns.
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I mean

A "parts kit"



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Feb 25, 2006
I saw some chatter about accidental discharges on the P320--something wrong with them or irresponsible owners blaming the gun?
So the first version there was a legit problem where an impact could cause the gun to fire (dropping the gun a few feet could do it at the right angle). Sig never admitted there was a problem but did a "Voluntary upgrade" that they applied to all future guns.

While there have been a couple of claims since then about ADs that were the gun's fault, the only one confirmed that was with the upgraded/revised design was a .mil dude that was using a modified P226 holster, and the general consensus seems to be it was his fault for a shitty mod or doing something else, but he'd get in trouble if he didn't blame the gun.

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