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Oct 5, 2003
Damn. Just called the ATF about my R9. It was approved 4/29. Stamp was cashed 3/23/21. 403 days



Looks like I picked the wrong week....
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Jul 21, 2004
The Potato Field
On a note related to wtf timelines….

Ordered an actual ton of landscaping rocks and Home Depot gave me a 14 hour delivery window (6am- 8pm) today

Must be run by ex atf
fwiw...70 bags of rocks (2300lbs) didn't even do half of what i needed and i had to order 120% more to finish the job. there goes next month's random gun shit i coulda bought.


Yggdrasil's Forester.
Lol, WTF. Meet the Gatlatl :rofl:

Traditions™ has created the ultimate package – a Crackshot™ .22 caliber single shot rifle that comes with the XBR™ Upper which can be swapped onto the rifle and allows you to fire arrows. Yes, we said arrows!

The patented Crackshot™ XBR™ package comes with the Crackshot™ single shot rifle in .22 cal with a 16.5” barrel. This gun is lightweight, easy to carry, and perfect for small game hunting. Additionally, you get the XBR upper that you can swap onto your Crackshot™ rifle. With a 20” barrel, the XBR allows you to shoot an arrow out of your Crackshot™ rifle and changes your platform into a whole new gun! The XBR has an inner barrel that allows you to slide the hollow end of a Traditions™ Firebolt™ Arrow over this inner barrel until it reaches the end of the barrel. The inner barrel is protected by an outer shroud which also protects the shooter. Keeping the gun pointed down range, simply load your arrow, break open the action, and put in a Traditions™ XBR™ Powerload. Continue by closing the gun up, taking the safety off, cocking the hammer, and then firing at your target.

The Crackshot™ XBR™ fires a Traditions™ 2216 Firebolt™ Arrow that is a standard 16” Aluminum arrow. This arrow can travel up to 385 FPS and is paired with a Traditions™ XBR™ Powerload in .27 Caliber Long. The Crackshot™ XBR™ has an effective kill range out to 70 yards, low recoil, and is low decibel.


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