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Oct 5, 2004
Because most people with the big collections aren't necessarily gun people in the sense of shooting guns. They're collectors who decided that guns are what they would collect.

Think your local FUDD who bought 4 garands from the CMP and is trying to resell them at 5x markup at the local gun show. They'll shoot a couple rounds a year but other than that they're not into guns.
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Feb 25, 2006
was hoping for answers on this :o

Me too tbh

So actual answer: It depends. I would say that if you're looking for the absolute flattest shooting 2011 out there, you're going to need to get something that has a comp built into the end of the barrel like the XC. With that said, unless you're a very good pistol shot, you'll notice a bigger difference by getting a gun with an optic cut and mounting a reddot like an SRO to it vs. a comped gun.

Now, if money is no object? Get the XC :dunno:. Either way make sure it's a DPO version.

This is from shooting an Iron-sighted Nighthawk TRS Comp vs. my Shadow 2 with an SRO on it, so I didn't have identical guns, but that was the end feeling I came away with.

Also if you get a comped gun WITHOUT an optic cut you're wrong.


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Feb 25, 2006
Cool, you’ve given me a research rabbit hole to go down. Thanks!
I think the order of operations for what's important in a nice, high end gun if you want fast/accurate is:

Good trigger
Steel/AL frame

Like, with my Shadow 2 OR, I know that while a comp would make me even faster, my skill isn't at the point that it matters, just having the steel frame and the optic means I'm already back on target before I can really comprehend it.

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