GUN Gunman shoots 4 Miami-Dade officer, kills one

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    Gunman shoots 4 Miami-Dade officer, kills one


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    CUTLER BAY -- A gunman shot four Miami-Dade County police officers Thursday, killing one, and then fled the scene, causing a large manhunt that swept through the residential neighborhood, officials said.

    Investigators were looking for a 30-year-old man identified as Kevin Wehner in connection with the shooting. Wehner was last seen driving a white Honda Accord, said Linda O'Brien, a Miami-Dade police spokeswoman. There may have been another man involved in the shooting, she said.

    The officers originally stopped the man because he was driving a car erratically, O'Brien said. He then opened fire on them.

    The shootings caused a large manhunt. Officers were seen on live television coverage drawing their guns as they briefly surrounded a house and then moved on. They also searched through a garbage truck as others scoured a grassy area on foot. No other details were immediately available.

    Cutler Bay is a suburb southwest of downtown Miami. Several schools in the area were on lockdown due to the search. Parts of Florida's Turnpike were also shut down.

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