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    ok here's the story

    I recently (2 weeks ago today) had a tonsilectomy. it may have been from the oxys or from the trauma to my body but I went impotent for about a week and a half

    anyway, I am closer to recovery and have been jacking off a storm.

    yesterday I ended up getting a friction burn on the side of my dick (i'm right handed, it is on the left side where my fingers wrap around)

    now I am not one of those people who usually does it 3 or 4 times a day and have never been that way but I know that many people do it. how do you j/o so many times a day without getting burns like I do? is it all about cumming as fast as possible? or do you take your time with it? personally I enjoy taking my time.

    I would appreciate any advice on this.
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    I got dick burn once years ago that did not go away for months because I couldn't stop jerking off. I figured it was because of the crappy lube I was using, generic hand lotion. So maybe just try new things for lube instead of just spit or whatever you have been using.

    Anyway if you care, I found out that this conditioner [​IMG]
    Garnier Fructis Fortifying Conditioner for NORMAL HAIR won't burn your pee hole and if you once in a while just spit in your hand and add it to what you have on your dick, it will last a long time and leave you smelling nice.
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