SPORTS Ha! Fitch back in the UFC


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Aug 9, 2004
Jon Fitch's exile from the Ultimate Fighting Championship lasted less than 24 hours. Bob Cook, Fitch’s representative from Zinkin Entertainment, has informed that the welterweight contender is back in the good graces of the world’s top MMA promoter.

“We just spent an hour on the phone with Lorenzo [Fertitta],” said Cook, “and cooler heads have prevailed.”

When asked about the negotiations, Cook stated that Fertitta and UFC President Dana White were “on the same page” when it came to their goals but that their approaches were as different as night and day.

In the end, Fitch ended up signing a licensing agreement that will allow the UFC to feature him in their upcoming video game release. Throughout the media offensive he waged since being informed of his release, the former Purdue wrestling captain made it clear he had no problem signing the deal but did not appreciate what he viewed as White’s “strong-arm tactics.”

White repeatedly said his decision to cut ties with Fitch were driven by an inability on Fitch’s management’s part to work with him and not because he didn’t sign the video game licensing agreement. In an expletive-laden interview with, White called out nearly everyone at American Kickboxing Academy and Zinkin Entertainment, Fitch’s gym and management company.

Cook, who was singled out by White as part of the problem, stated Fertitta assured him the working relationship between their camp and White was salvageable.

As for the fates of welterweight contender Josh Koscheck and heavyweight prospect Cain Velasquez -- both of whom were rumored to be next on the chopping block -- as well as heavyweight Christian Wellisch, who was cut along with Fitch on Wednesday, Cook stated that all of the fighters have worked out agreements to remain with the UFC.



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Feb 9, 2002
this looks bad for Dana. Having his boss come in and clean up his mess can't make the fertitas happy...

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Dec 25, 2006
Colorado Springs, Co
didnt the same thing happen with tito dana bitched up a storm and lorenzo had to work out a new deal. It seems eevry time dana has to throw a temper tantrum lorenzo rolls in to fix it


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Jul 2, 2007
I wonder what drag on thinks of this situation considering how he's constantly swinging from Dana's nutsack.


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Jul 10, 2002
Lorenzo is the CEO. I am sure he doesn't have to tell Dana what he is going to do.

i don't know.. i'm sure there is a lot of communication between the two. dana does own 10% of the company so he does get some say in things.

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