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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Jamie95GT, Mar 14, 2003.

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    I got my oil changed today. I usually do it myself, but today I was out and about and decided to do it. Well the guy that changed my oil has 3 mustangs. Two GT's and one cobra. He told me that if I knew anyone that wanted to buy a cobra to tell them about his and to let him know as well.. Well its a 96 with 50k miles on it. Its mystic colored and he wants ONLY 8500 for it. Personally I thought he could ask for more on it. ( I got an offer on mine two weeks ago for $10,500) Being that he has alot done to it. But he said someone keyed both sides three weeks ago. Says they aren't bad.. but a mystic paint job isn't exactly the easiest to fix nor have redone. Well jokingly, I said "Heh.. I'll do an even trade with you on mine." Mine is a 95 GT (obviously) and has 91K on it now (damn i drive too much) and he said "OK!! When do you want to trade off" This car is in great condition. I have seen it once before. Didn't check it out detail for detail.. but still... an even trade.... nah.. .i couldn't do it.

    Anyone want a Mystic colored 96 Cobra.. $8500 (or hey maybe he'll do an even trade with ya LOL) has different clutch and shifter... exhaust is done on it... and actually has a nitrous system hooked up to it. Empty right now though.
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  3. Mystic cobra's are ultra rare and will one day be a sought after muscle car. You're retarded not to do it. Tell me where this guy is and I'll buy a beater ass GT that looks good and go offer to trade him.
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    You should use Ricky's GT for the trade :o

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